Alpaca World, Korea 알파카월드

강원도 홍천군 화촌면 풍천리 310 | 310 Pungcheon-ri, Hwachon-myeon Hongcheon-gun Gangwon-do

10:00-18:00 (last admission: 17:00)

Admission: 15,000 won (age 3-64), free (age below 3), 12,000 (age 65 & above)

Walking with Alpaca: 10,000 won

Alpaca Safari Train: 3,000 won

Animal feeding experience: 1,000 won per cup

How to go to Alpaca World Animal Farm - Free Shuttle Bus | Hongcheon, South Korea

*Notes: Bus services operating between ITX Namchuncheon Station/Chuncheon Station and Alpaca World suspended since June 2019*

1. From Cheongnyangni Station 청량리역 (line 1, exit 4), transfer to ITX-Cheongchun train to Namchuncheon Station (1hr 11mins / 7,100 won reserved seat / 6,700 won non-reserved seat). 


  • You can take also the subway to Yongsan Station 용산역 and transfer to ITX-Cheongchun train to Namchuncheon Station but the ITX train fare is higher at 8,200 won (reserved seat) / 7,700 won (non-reserved seat).

  • Full journey on Seoul subway to Namchuncheon Station is possible and takes about 2 hrs (3,050 won).


2. At Namchuncheon Station, take exit 1 to street level.

The bus stop is in front of the exit.

Take bus #3 to Alpaca World.

Bus #3 schedule (3x Daily only, 1,000 won, 1-1.5hrs)

From Namchuncheon Station - 8:50 / 12:20 / 16:10

From Alpaca World - 9:55 / 14:05 / 17:20

Note: Taxi from Namchuncheon Station to Alpaca World takes 45 mins, 45,000 won

3. The bus will stop at Alpaca World Parking Lot. From there, take the free shuttle bus to Alpaca World (5mins, 10mins interval).

How to go to Alpaca World Animal Farm - Bus #3 | Hongcheon, South Korea

The current possible public transport to Alpaca World:

  • Take the intercity bus from Dong Seoul (also referred as East Seoul) Bus Terminal, Seoul (Gangbyeon Station - line 2/exit 4) to Hongcheon Bus Terminal (1 hr/7,400 won). Bus schedule

  • Take the Deokbatjae.Pungcheon bus and get off at Deokbatjae Exit (1hr 6 mins).

  • Walk 918m on the road (with the traffic) to Alpaca World.

Alpaca World is the largest forest experience farm in Korea, spreading across 110,000 square feet.


Visitors of all ages can enjoy happy moments with farm animals (particularly alpacas) that are clean, safe and happy in nature setting, surrounded by forest and mountain valley.


Highlight #1: Walking with Alpacas

One of the must-try at Alpaca World is walking with the lovely and tame alpacas! You can get close to the alpacas and touch their super-soft fur.


Alpaca food can be purchased at various conveniently-located vending machines. Interestingly, your palm will remain dry (not wet with their saliva) after the alpacas lick off their food from your hand. Try it! 




Highlight #2: Alpaca Safari Train

Another must-try at Alpaca World is taking the Alpaca safari train around the hillside Alpaca enclosure. When the train takes a brief stop, many alpacas will come close to the train and its passengers for an interesting experience up close.




Highlight #3: Alpaca Playground


Other Animal Zones: Rabbits, Deer, Owls, Eagles, Birds Garden & more


Alpaca World in Nature Setting


Food & Drinks

Visitors can have your meals at the Food Court near Alpaca walks or drinks at Alpaca Cafe near the ticketing office.


Art Shop

Bring back your fond memories of Alpaca World at its Art Shop gift shop.


Alpaca World, a place where nature, animals and people are happy together, making it a worthy and fun day trip from Seoul.

Alpaca World (Farm Animals in Nature) - Tourist Map | Hongcheon, South Korea
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