26 BEST Recommended Day Tours from Seoul & WHY

Do you know which are the best hidden attractions & activities taken on a day trip in Korea that are hugely popular with the locals?

Walk on Korea's newly-open longest suspension bridge, get on the world's highest zipline at 100km/hr, walk 583m high in the sky, tandem paragliding with the clouds, clams digging, feed the lovely alpacas at a nature farm and many more!

KoreaToDo recommends you the local's HOT day trip places and WHY they are best visited by joining the day tours from Seoul instead of self-explored trips. 


Wonju Sogeumsan Mountain Suspension Bridge

For the Adventurous

Wonju Suspension Bridge is the longest suspension bridge (200m) in Korea, newly opened on 11 Jan 2018. It spans across two peaks of Mt. Segeum, 100m above sea level.

➽ By public transport, it will probably take at least 3 hours total travel time including an intercity bus (1.5hrs) and local bus transfer (53mins) to Wonju Suspension Bridge. To make journey worthwhile, you may consider to incorporate the day trip with other nearby attractions not easily accessible by public transport by joining a local tour from Seoul.

Pocheon Art Valley

For the Adventurous

Head out to the countryside of Pocheon and experience the beauty of nature.

Visit Pocheon Art Valley, the beautiful and famous filming location of many hugely popular Korean Dramas:

  • A Korean Odyssey by Lee Seung-gi & Oh Yeon-seo (2017-18)

  • The Legend of the Blue Sea by Lee Min-ho & Jun Ji-hyun (2016-17)

  • Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016)


➽ 1hr 5mins intercity bus from Seoul, followed by 30mins local bus to Poncheon Art Valley. Visits to other nearby attractions are not conveniently available by public transport to/from Poncheon Art Valley. For example, bus to Pocheon Herb Island takes about 1hr (+1 transfer). Joining a local tour from Seoul allows you to visit more attractions and seasonal activities/festivals (e.g. mini-apples picking) easily within 1 day.​


Jeongseon Rail Bike & Sky Walk

For the Adventurous

At Arii Hills Byeongbangchi Skywalk, get the feel of walking in the 'sky' @ 583m high and admire the picturesque U-shaped stream of this mountainous landscape. Located just next to the Jeongseon Skywalk is the Arii Hills Zipwire, the world's highest zipline at 325.5m high. Experience the thrills and fun of travelling at 100km/hr! Next, enjoy Jeongseon Rail Bike with the most breathtaking valley views and the cultural Arari Folk Village.

The journey to Arii Hills Skywalk and Zipwire will take about 4 hours that includes an intercity bus (₩18,400, 3hrs 50mins), followed by the shuttle bus (10mins) or taxi (7mins). The private van tour not only allows you and your group to travel in ease but also to enjoy more attractions that Jeongseon has to offer in one day, worthy of the long journey. (Note: Zipwire is not included in the tour but discuss with the driver on the schedule since it is just near to the skywalk.)


DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) and JSA (Joint Security Area)

For the Adventurous

JSA (also known as Panmunjom or the blue buildings) is the only portion of DMZ where North & South Korean forces stand face-to-face. This is also the location of the historic hand-shake between North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un and South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in on 27 April 2018.

➽ If you wish to visit JSA, the one and only way is to join a bus tour from authorised travel operators. The JSA (Panmunjom) and 3rd Tunnel are the two must-visits to DMZ. So, make sure you are booked on the right tour and book early! Besides being sold out fast, the JSA is closed to tours on Sundays, Mondays and National Holidays (& periods of high tensions). Also, if you can't book beyond certain dates or if the tour is not available, it means the tour is not opened (/announced) or closed to the public currently. 



For the Adventurous

This is the place! Yeongjin Beach, located on the east coast city of Gangneung - The filming site of the hugely popular Korean drama, "Goblin"! Also, for coffee lovers, do not miss out this Top 100 Must-Visit Tourist Spots in Korea, Gangneung Coffee Street at Anmok Beach.

➽ To travel all the way from Seoul to the east coast by public transport just to take a photo and recreate the famous scene from "Goblin" or just for coffee? Also, there is no subway system in Gangneung, making travelling from places to places not as convenient as compared to Seoul. With a day tour from Seoul, you can visit the most popular places, filming locations and enjoy various activities in Gangneung easily within a single day!



For the Adventurous

A must-do once in a lifetime?! Enjoy the thrill of paragliding in Yangpyeong, one of the most famous paragliding sites in Korea with spectacular views.

➽ You will get the same thing even if you book direct with the tandem paragliding operator on their Korean only website using either the online form or email them, then transfer the required deposit to their bank accounts. So, save yourself from all these trouble by booking and making your payment easily on KLOOK.


Nami Island

All-Time Favourites

Nami Island, an all-time favourite and popular destination for many travellers. The island is the filming location for the famous Korean drama 'Winter Sonata'. It is distinctly different and beautiful in all four seasons.

 With so many wonderful places to visit near Nami Island, it will be challenging to visit multiple attractions in 1 day due to limited and infrequent public transport that often required several transfers. To Nami Island alone takes more than 2 hours on subway (+ line transfers) from Seoul/Gangnam Station OR more than 1 hour on subway+ITX-Cheongchun train, followed by the hourly city tour bus and ferry. Also, if you are travelling in big group especially with kids and seniors, joining a day tour from Seoul may work out better for everyone.

Recommended Tours by KoreaToDo:







Alpaca World

All-Time Favourites

The Alpaca World certainly caught our attention. This is a hot attraction with the locals as well! Meet the lovely Alpacas and other farm animals in this large, clean and natural environment!

 By public transport (about 3hrs) with multiple and different mode of transfers: 

Subway to Yongsan Station → ITX-Cheongchun to Namchuncheon/Chuncheon Station (1hr 15mins) → 3x Daily Shuttle Bus Service to Alpaca World Parking Lot (1hr) *service suspended in June 2019* → Alpaca free Shuttle Bus to Alpaca World (5mins).


With the daily shuttle bus service between ITX stations and Alpaca World no longer operating, getting to Alpaca World by public transport is not so feasible and direct now with the limited local transport network.

Nonetheless, the day tour will not only allow family travelling with children or seniors getting to Alpaca World (/Pasture) in comfort, you can also visit other fabulous attractions around the area, all within a day as well.