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Everland Theme Park (Korea) & Getting There | Day Trip from Seoul, South Korea

Everland Theme Park 에버랜드

  • how to get to Everland from Seoul & time required

  • getting around Everland

  • attractions, rides, zoo, gardens, parades, fireworks, festivals

  • special coverage on star pandas, Fubao & Family

  • F&B

  • 'Smart Queue' on Everland App

  • Everland Guide Map

경기도 용인시 처인구 포곡읍 에버랜드로 199 (포곡읍) | 199, Everland-ro, Pogok-eup, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do


Closing hours may vary (21:00-22:00).

Everland Theme Park - Admission Fees
  • 1-Day Ticket - Adult: 54,000 won / Child: 43,000 won

Recommended Route:

  • Gangnam Station (line 2 / Sinbungdang Line, exit 10). Walk 286m straight from the exit, passing by Samsung Store, Kakao Friends store and right in front of FIVE GUYS store. 4 mins walk. This is a pleasant walk on street level, recommended if you are taking Subway Line 2. OR

  • Gangnam Station (line 2/Sinbundang Line, exit 4/5). U-turn upon exit and cross the road just behind the station exit to the bus stop at the middle of the road. This is the bus stop after the above bus stop, nearer if you are travelling from Sinbundang Line.

Take Bus# 5002A / 5002B, 35 mins ride. Upon reaching the terminal stop at Everland Bus Terminal, walk to Everland's entrance, 5 mins walk.

💡You can easily follow the many bus passengers alighting at Everland stop to Everland's entrance.

💡From Everland to Seoul, you can take the same bus from Everland Bus Terminal to Gangnam Station, the stop where most passengers alight or you can use Kakao Map to track your whereabout.


 Travelling by public transport generally offers more flexibility and freedom in your travel plans, taking in considerations on the possible change of weather conditions as well. 

Nonetheless, there are convenient Shuttle Bus Services run by private tour companies with daily morning pick up at several locations (e.g. Myeongdong, Hongdae, Dongdaemun), together with evening departure from Everland.

EVERLAND Facebook, EVERLAND Youtube, EVERLAND Instagram (for latest events, festivals & updates) |

Everland is the largest amusement theme park in Korea with many fun and exciting rides/attractions for all ages. Visitors can also visit its popular zoo, beautiful theme gardens, lively day & night parades, daily multi-media fireworks show and seasonal festivals for a fun-filled day at Everland.

5 Theme Zones of Everland

Everland consists of 5 unique-theme zones, namely Zootopia, American Adventure, European Adventure, Magic Land and Global Fair. Besides attractions, there are shops, restaurants and amenities at each zone.

Getting Around Everland

You can cover the whole park on foot, moving from one attraction to another. Everland also offers scenic rides to ferry visitors:

  • 2-Seater Human Sky chairlift ride from Global Fair (main entrance) to Zootopia Zone OR

  • 4-Seater Sky Way chairlift ride from American Adventure Zone to European Adventure Zone OR

  • 8-Seater Sky Cruise cable car ride from American Adventure Zone to European Adventure Zone

Attractions @Everland

Most Popular Attractions/Rides at Everland

Everland offers a great number of rides and attractions for endless thrills and excitement. Of which, the most popular attractions/rides with generally the longest queueing time are T-Express, Lost World, Safari WorldAmazon Express, Panda World and Snow Buster (winter only).

a) T-Express (European Adventure)

T-Express is Korea's first wooden roller coaster and the World's Top 10 Fastest Wooden Roller Coaster at 104km/h. It has the highest drop at 46m, steepest drop at 77 degree and a total length of 1.64kmT-Express is a must-try for the fearless on a thrilling 3.12 mins ride.

b) Lost Valley (Zootopia)

Zootopia Zone where Lost World is located, occupies an area of 15,000㎡ with over 2,000 animals of around 200 species. At Lost Valley, you can take a ride on a special vehicle to view the 20 species living here (e.g. camels, elephants, antelopes) and giraffes feeding up close.

c) Safari World (Zootopia)

At Safari World, you can take the fully enclosed wide-window tram to see dangerous animals like tigers (including white tigers), lions, bears and hyena in their habitat.

d) Amazon Express (Zootopia)

Take the round boat on a 580m winding torrent of the Amazon jungle.

e) Panda World (Zootopia)

Panda World is home to the famous Panda Bao Family (Panda dad, mum & 3 Korean-born daughters) well-loved by the locals and overseas visitors.

f) Snow Buster (Winter Only)

In winter, Everland turns into a snow playground. At Snow Buster, you can pick from the different courses of snow tubing such as Family Course (gentle slope, 90m), Racing Course (120m) and Express Course (4-seater tube).

Snapshots of other Attractions


1. The following attractions are not available in winter:

  • Zootopia - Amazon Express, Penguin Island, Birds' Paradise, Parrot House, Fantastic Wings, Penguin Animal Talk, Ppuppa Desert Fox Animal Talk, Ppuppa Snake & Turtle Animal Talk.

  • Magic Land - Thunder Falls, Play Yard.

2. The 36-car Ferries Wheel is no longer in operation since 2010. Presently, it is a great photo spot for many especially when it lights up beautifully on nightfall.

Four Seasons Garden (European Adventure)

Four Seasons Garden is probably the best place to chill at Everland, away from the crowds queuing for the popular rides/attractions. You can relax on the seats here, surrounded in seasonal flowers, festival decorations and natural beauty of the surrounding.

Moonlight Parade (Parade Route, Carnival Square @European Adventure)

The daily Moonlight Parade (30 mins) near Four Seasons Garden is a favourite parade enjoyed by all ages, celebrating the festival of lights with exciting music and performances.

💡Moonlight Parade time varies according to season. You can use Everland App to confirm the parade time on the day of your visit.

💡There is also a daily daytime parade starting around 14:00 with different seasonal/festival themes.

Every Moment with Everland (multi-media fireworks shows, European Adventure)

Another highlight at Everland on nightfall is the daily multi-media fireworks show behind the big screen at Four Seasons Garden. It is the largest permanent fireworks show in Korea.

💡The fireworks show time varies according to season. You can use Everland App to confirm the fireworks show time on the day of your visit.

Fubao & Family @Panda World

Ironically, for an amusement park, Panda World turns out to be one of the hottest attractions​ at Everland. It also received the most number of regular posts on Everland's social media platforms (i.e. youtube, facebook and instagram) compared to other attractions in the theme park.

💡Samsung C&T Resort Group that runs the Everland theme park and zoo, also provides regular updates on the panda family.

Due to it super popularity, starting 1 September 2024, Everland limits visitors' viewing time to a short 5 mins for crowd control and to ensure a comfortable environment for the panda family. Even so, long queues of people are in line daily to see the pandas.

Star Panda, Fubao

The superstar at Panda World is none other than Panda Fubao 福宝. Fubao is the first panda (female) born in South Korea through natural breeding on 20 July 2020 at Everland Resort. The name, Fubao was picked by the locals through social media voting, meaning 'treasure that brings happiness'.

Since birth, Fubao has enjoyed many happy moments with mama panda, together with the love and care of its zookeepers.

Besides giving comfort and strength to people during the difficult COVID-19 pandemic years, Fubao's popularity can be explained by many people wish for living their lives like Princess Fubao, surrounded with love, joy and comfort.

💡There is a Chinese documentary, "Guardians Of The Panda - The Chronicle of FuBao's Birth 守护大熊猫之福宝诞生记" (on Youtube with English subtitles) released in late 2023 that fully document the birth of Fubao in Korea during COVID-19 pandemic.

💡There are also several songs dedicated specially to Fubao, e.g. Everland Baby Panda Song (2021) by Everland and Let's go with Baby Panda (2023) by contest winner, Happy Scent.

💡Like all other pandas born outside China, Fubao shall return to China for breeding before she turns 4 years old.

🛫The day for Fubao's return to China has eventually come... Over 6000 Fubao's fan bid an emotional farewell in the rain to their beloved Fubao when she departed Everland for China on 3 April 2024.

💡Fubao has made her first public appearance on 12 April 2024 at Wolong Shenshuping Giant Panda Base 卧龙中华大熊猫苑 (神树坪基地) in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China. Fans of Fubao can visit her on a private day tour from Chengdu or purchase your admission ticket to the park (about 2 hrs by car from Chengdu).

Introduction of Fubao's Family Members

Fubao's dad is Lebao and mum is Aibao. Both pandas are on loan from China and bought to Korea in March 2016.


After Fubao, Aibao also gave birth to the first twin pandas born in Korea on 7 July 2023. Fubao's younger twin sisters names are selected through a public contest of 700,000 votes with the winning names of Ruibao (meaning 'wise treasure' for the elder twin) and Huibao (meaning 'shiny treasure' for the younger twin).

Well-known Zookeepers of the Bao Panda Family

Besides Fubao and Bao Family, 2 Zookeepers, Kang Cheol-won (commonly known as Fubao's Grandpa Jiang in Chinese, also nicknamed as 'Jiang Bao' as part of Bao Family) and Song Young-kwan ('Grandpa Song', nicknamed as 'Song Bao') have also enjoyed the limelight (even on Chinese social media platforms) with their devotion and care for the panda family.

It is the regular videos and photos of the Bao Family posted by Grandpa Jiang and Grandpa Song on social media that shoot the panda family to stardom within Korea and around the world.

Princess Fubao (and its family members) has blissfully enjoyed countless handmade toys by its 2 grandpas, particularly from the talented Grandpa Song.

Fans of Princess Fubao always enjoy watching how she discovers, explores and plays with her new toys, decorations and celebrations prepared by her two 'grandpas'.


Panda World Shop

For fans of Fubao and Bao Family, prepare to part with your money at Panda World Shop! The shop is filled with lots of lovely merchandise for all ages from hats, clothing, toys, towels, photo cards, umbrellas, bags, magnets, keychains, etc.

💡Fubao's Grandpa Jiang and Grandpa Song have published several essay photo books, documenting the growth of Fubao at Panda World too.

💡Next to Panda World Shop is the Panda World Cafe and public toilets. So, if you are queuing in a group to see the Bao Family, you can conveniently pop in and out of the queue to visit the shop, cafe or quick ran to the toilets.


Food & Beverage

There are a good number of cafes, food kiosks and restaurants in each zone of the theme park. The prices are generally reasonable and affordable (for a theme park).


You can pick from Korean (e.g. Alpine Food Fair, Han-ga-ram, Hanwadam, BHC Chicken), Chinese (e.g. Crystal Jade, China Moon), Japanese (e.g. Oriental Noodles Restaurant), Western (e.g. Burger Cafe Europe, Pizza IL Forno), Vietnamese (e.g. Phomein), Mexican (e.g. On the Border) and Fast Food (e.g. KFC) at Everland.


Coffeehouses include well-known chains like Starbucks, The Coffee Bean and Paul Bassett.

💡Near Everland's entrance, there is also a fairly large CU Convenience Store and Olive Young (health & beauty store).

Seasonal Festivals & Events

Everland also hosts a number of theme festivals throughout the year like Winter Snow Festival, Tulip Festival, Rose Festival, Summer Splash, Halloween and Thanksgiving, making each trip to Everland a different and fun experience.

Tips on Enjoying Everland

Everland App ◆ Smart Queue ◆ Best Time to Visit

Everland App

1. Install Everland App

It is highly recommended for you to install Everland App (available on android Google Play Store & apple App Store), preferably prior to your visit to Everland.


From Everland app, you can use its Smart Queue, the reservation service for 'pre-booking' attractions before 2pm on the day of your visit, available after you have entered Everland.


If you do not use the Smart Queue, you will not be able to visit most popular attractions (e.g. T-Express, Safari World, Panda World) until after 2pm.

2. Register on Everland App

Once you have installed Everland App and purchased your Everland Pass with QR code online (or onsite), follow the following steps to register as a guest (if you do not have a Korean mobile number) on Everland App.

💡You can register multiple Everland Passes on 1 login account.

💡Further guide on Smart Queue.

3. 'Smart Queue' for Attractions at Everland

Once you have entered Everland, you can 'Smart Queue' on your favourite attractions.

💡Do enter Everland early (& Smart Queue immediately after entry) before all the available Smart Queue popular attractions slots are all taken up.

💡Once you have closed the app, you will need to login to Everland App again. As such, please remember  your Everland login ID (case sensitive) and password on the day of your visit.

Also, from Everland App, you can see the queue time required of each attraction, attraction operating time,  minimum height for rides, availability and closed/suspended status.

4. Other Tips to Everland

💡Everland is very popular with the locals and particularly busy even on the weekdays. As such, please avoid visiting Everland on the weekends or public holidays if possible.

💡Everland is a large amusement park and queue are fairly long especially for the popular attractions and rides. As such, it is recommended to plan your favourite attractions in advance especially if you are using 'Smart Queue'.


💡Unfortunately, there is no fast lane (/Q-Pass) available for purchase on Everland App (/website) for visitors to Korea as 'Smart Reservation' is only in Korean at the moment.

Map of 2 Bus Stop Options from Gangnam Station (Line 2 / Sinbundang Line)

Location Map of bus stops at Gangnam Station (Seoul) for Bus 5002A / 5002B to Everland

Everland Resort Guide Map

Everland Resort Guide Map | South Korea

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