Top 7 Wellness & Fitness Activities To Do in Seoul, Korea

There is a growing trend of travellers going back to nature or wellness inspired activities during their holidays. More travellers prefer to take walking or hiking trips, visiting a spa or receiving beauty treatments, cycling, water sports, mediation, yoga retreat and more.

To inspire you on a more health-conscious holiday to Korea, we have put together our Top 7 picks of Nature, Wellness and Fitness Activities for your holiday in Seoul, Korea.

1. Hiking at Cheonggyesan Mountain

Seoul offers numerous hiking trails of different scenic views, historical heritage and for different fitness levels, all within easy access by public transport. Of which, our top pick goes to hiking at Cheonggyesan Mountain.


Compared to the more popular Bukhansan National Park with its many hiking trails, entry points and braving the steep incline with ropes to reach the highest Baegundae Peak, hiking at Cheonggyesan is much simpler and safer (no ropes required!). You get to walk in the dense nature forest of well-maintained trails and reach its highest Maebong peak (582m) with spectacular views!


At the end of the hike, celebrate your achievement on reaching a Korean mountain summit with a well-deserved meal at one of the many great restaurants nearby.

2. Relax at a Korean Traditional Spa, Jjimjilbang

Unlike the coziness of a Japanese onsen (hot spring), Korean Traditional Spa is generally a huge place of multiple storeys and a social place for bonding with friends and families. It offers diverse facilities and services to increase the body’s energy and spirit.

Its medicinal hot and cold baths are good for the skin with healing properties. The hot and cold fomentation sauna rooms (jade, charcoal, salt, oxygen, etc) improve metabolism and enhance blood flow. Get a sports massage, Korean scrub or rest at its sleeping rooms.

Feel refreshed and relaxed when you step out of the jjimjilbang.

Yes, you need to get fully undressed... only at the bath area/floor.

3. Pamper Yourself to a Well-known Korean Luxurious Spa

Experience the prestige and healing benefits of Korean herbal medicinal spa with treatments performed in the Royal Palace of the Joseon Dynasty. Indulge in the red ginseng foot bath (yes, Ginseng). Choose from the premium Korean Herbal Medicinal Anti-aging Spa or Contemporary Korean Medicinal Balance Spa of different body and facial treatments using premium products, effective techniques and tools (e.g. jade applicator).

After your spa treatments, purchase your favourite store exclusive products/gifts and enjoy complimentary selection of teas and iced mochi at its Rooftop Tea Cafe with panoramic park view.

4. Improve your well-being with a Nourishing Ginseng Meal

Korean Ginseng is renowned worldwide and has been used for its remarkable health benefits for centuries. It is known to improve metabolism, enhance immunity, increase mental alertness, relieve stress and other benefits.

Why not treat yourself to the popular and nourishing Korean ginseng chicken soup in your holiday to Korea? Separately, the black-toned chicken, available only to royalty in the past is recorded in the oriental-medicine books as a healthy food to clear the blood and improve stamina.