DMZ Train


Vary according to train routes.


  • Seoul Station (subway line 1/4/Gyeongui–Jungang, KTX - Korea Train Express, AREX - Airport Railroad Express Train).

  • Yongsan Station (subway line 1, exit 2).

The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) is a buffer zone established in the Armistice Agreement of 27 Jul 1953 during the Korean War. It stretches 250km long, dividing the Korean Peninsula into North Korea and South Korea roughly along the 38th Parallel. The Military Demarcation Line (MDL) goes through the center of the DMZ with 2km wide on each side.

Panmunjeom (Joint Security Area, JSA), commonly known to tourists as the blue buildings, is administrated by the United Nations Military and North Korean military. JSA is the site of the negotiations that ended the Korean War and all negotiations since 1953. It is the main center of human activity in the DMZ. The MDL goes through the conference rooms and down the middle of the conference tables.

DMZ Train - North Korea | Day Trip from Seoul, KoreaToDo
DMZ Train | Day Trip from Seoul, KoreaToDo
DMZ Train | Day Trip from Seoul, KoreaToDo
DMZ Train - Train Interior | Day Trip from Seoul, KoreaToDo

Since Nov 1974, South Korea has discovered four tunnels crossing the DMZ, known to be dug by North Korea. The four tunnels are named according to the order discovered, i.e. First, Second, Third and Fourth Tunnel accordingly.

Tourist destinations close to the DMZ is only available through group tours and depending on the areas visited, may be accompanied by armed guards with restricted photography.

DMZ train operated by KORAIL brings tourists to train terminals closest to the DMZ. From there, tourists can join their preferred tours and return for the train journey back to Seoul. DMZ Train offers an affordable and comfortable way to experience the DMZ, the land of history and mystery.

(Note: JSA is not available on DMZ Train tours)

2 Train Routes:

1. Gyeongui Line (started in May 2014) - departing from Yongsan Station to Dorasan Station. This line used to connect Seoul and Pyongyang before the division in the 1940s.



  • The 3rd Tunnel - discovered in 1978. The tunnel is 1.64km long, 2m high and 2m wide. 

  • Dora Observatory - overlook into North Korea.

  • Dorasan Station - located in the zone that strictly restricts general civilian access. From the station, visitors can view Dorasan Mountain and the barbed wire fences of the Southern Limit Line.

  • Dorasan Peace Park.

DMZ Train - The Third Tunnel | Day Trip from Seoul, KoreaToDo
DMZ Train - The Third Tunnel | Day Trip from Seoul, KoreaToDo
DMZ Train - The Third Tunnel | Day Trip from Seoul, KoreaToDo
DMZ Train - Dora Observatory | Day Trip from Seoul, KoreaToDo

2. Gyeongwon Line (started in Aug 2014) – departing from Seoul Station to Baengmagoji Station.


   Cheorwon Security Bus Tour Attractions:

  • Durumi Peace Village – the village was named after the durumi (red-crowned crane), one of the most common animals inhabiting the DMZ.

  • Cheorwon Korean Workers' Party Headquarters – walls of the building scarred with pockmarks from bullets and shells.

  • Observation Post of the Baekgol Army Division - remains of the Geumgangsan Mountain Electric Railroad Bridge used for transporting North Korea’s war supplies can be seen from here.

  • Woljeongni Station - an abandoned train station closest to the Southern Limit Line.

  • Cheorwon Crane Park - learn about the different bird species found at the DMZ.

  • Baengma High Ground Battlefield - one of the bloodiest battlefields during the Korean War.

   Cheorwon City Bus Tour Attractions:

  • Goseokjeong National Tourist Area - Goseokjeong Pavilion.

  • Seungilgyo Bridge - named after a soldier who died in the war. The bridge is unique in that it was jointly built by both nations, started by North Koreans in 1948 and completed by South Koreans after the war. The bridge, now under South Korea land, is a registered cultural asset.

  • Songdaeso - best views of Hantangang River and Jusangjeolli Cliff.

  • Baengma High Ground Battlefield.

DMZ Train - Cheorwon Korean Workers' Party Headquarters | Day Trip from Seoul, KoreaToDo
Map of DMZ Train Routes | South Korea
DMZ Tran - Train Schedule of Gyeongui Line from Seoul/Yongsan to Dorasan
DMZ Tran - Train Schedule of Gyeongwon Line from Seoul to Baengmagoji
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