Paju Day Trip from Seoul - Visit Provence Village, Heyri Art Village, Paju Premium Outlets & SkinAnniversary Beauty Town

Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do



  • Hapjeong Station (line 2/6, exit 1 ). Take Bus# 2200 (bus service frequency: 10-15 mins) from bus stop directly in front of exit 1.

Tips: Seat on the left side of the bus for coastal view and glimpse of North Korea on the bus journey.

Paju, a South Korean city located beside the west end of DMZ, the world's most militarised border dividing the Korean Peninsula and the site of some of the fiercest battles during Korean War (1950-1953).

Paju is well-publicised for its DMZ attractions like Panmunjom (Joint Security Area/'blue buildings') and The Third Tunnel that can only be visited on organised group tours, there are in fact less ‘heavy’ and amazing attractions at Paju that you can travel on your own.

Pick & choose your preferred attractions on your day trip to Paju or visit all of them:

1. Provence Village 프로방스 마을


Bus Stop: Get off at Seongdong Intersection bus stop, 50 mins. Cross the road and walk 15-20 mins on road, Saeori-ro to Provence Village. See map on walking path.

Address: 경기도 파주시 탄현면 새오리로 69 (탄현면) | 69, Saeori-ro, Tanhyeon-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

Free Admission

Provence Village, a southern French culture town with beautiful pastel-like buildings for your perfect Instagram pictures. Visitors can look forward to shops selling original products (e.g. handmade perfume), fashion clothing & accessories, cafes, restaurants and artworks. Enjoy the Glass Garden full of herb fragrances or rent a costume to experience the European nobility?


For the Korean drama lovers, Paju is featured in the 2013 hit K-drama 'My Love from the star' starring Kim Soo-hyun and Jun Ji-Hyun, ‘The Master's Sun (2013)’ and ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells (2015)'.

Provence Village & Getting There | Paju, South Korea
Provence Town Starlight Festival (Late Nov - Mar) | Paju, South Korea
Provence Village & Getting There | Paju, South Korea


Paju - Provence Village Guide Map | Paju, South Korea

2. Heyri Art Village 헤이리 예술마을

Galleries and Museums are closed on Mondays.

Bus Stop: Get off at Heyri Gate 4 Bus Stop (50 mins) or Walk from Provence Village (25 mins). See map on walking path from Provence Village and various bus stop locations of Heyri Art Village.

Address: 경기도 파주시 탄현면 헤이리마을길 82-105 | 82-105, Heyrimaeul-gil, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

Free Admission

Heyri Art Village, a lovely village where over 500 writers, artists, cineastes, architects and musicians concentrate and built their artistic spaces, houses, work rooms, museums and art galleries at this nature-friendly space.


Paju - Heyri Art Village Guide Map | Paju, South Korea

3. Paju Premium Outlets 신세계사이먼 파주 프리미엄아울렛

Closed on day of Seollal (Lunar New Year) & Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving).

Bus Stop: Get off at Paju Premium Outlets Back Gate Bus Stop (60 mins from Hapjeong Station on bus #2200 OR 10 mins from Heyri Art Village Gate 8 Bus Stop on the same side as Heyri Art Village on bus #2200/#900 - see map on bus stop location). Walk 600m to Paju Premium Outlets. 

Address: 경기도 파주시 탄현면 필승로 200 | 200, Pilseung-ro, Tanhyeon-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

Free Admission

Stores: 10:30-20:30 (Mon-Thu) / 10:30-21:00 (Fri-Sun & Public Holidays).

Restaurants: 11:00-21:00.

Paju Premium Outlets was the second luxury premium outlet introduced in South Korea with discounts up to 65%. 

The three-storey building has over 220 brands including designer fashions (e.g. Marc Jacobs, Issey Miyake, Hugo Boss), sportswear (e.g. Columbia, Coleman, New Balance, Black Yak), fine leather & luggage (e.g. Bean Pole, Coach, MCM, Michael Kors), accessories & cosmetics (e.g. Ray Ban), shoes (e.g. Cole, Camper, Armani), children wear, intimate apparel, housewares & home  furnishings, gifts & speciality items.


4. SkinAnniversary Beauty Town  스킨애니버셔리 뷰티타운

Bus Stop: Get off at Eche Shopping Mall (이채 쇼핑몰 정류장) (30 mins from Hapjeong Station OR 14 mins when coming from the direction of Provence Village). Walk 145m straight in the same direction as the bus to Skinanniversary Beauty Town (building). 

Address: 경기도 파주시 문발로 219 (문발동) | 219, Munbal-ro, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

Operating Hours: 9:00-18:00

SkinAnniversary Beauty Town is Asia's largest beauty complex where you can experience diverse Korean beauty services (i.e. skin care and makeup), attractions (i.e. Trick Art Gallery, Hallyu Gallery), restaurant and cafe at one place.

Upon registration, customers will go through state-of-art skin diagnosis and customised skin care treatments using Nuganic, a customised natural cosmetic brand.

Skin Care Courses:

Course A - 40 mins / 55,000 won (Skin Diagnosis, Facial Skin Care)

Course B - 60 mins / 88,000 won (Course A + Relax Massage of Upper Body)

Course C - 110 mins / 150,000 won (Course A + Relax Massage of Whole Body) 




Map of Bus Route from Seoul to Provence Village & Heyri Art Village | Paju, South Korea
Walking Path from Bus Stop to Provence Village | Paju, South Korea
Walking Path from Provence Village to Heyri Art Village / Bus Stop Locations | Paju, South Korea
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