Siloam Sauna Jjimjilbang μ‹€λ‘œμ•”μ‚¬μš°λ‚˜μ°œμ§ˆλ°©

μ„œμšΈνŠΉλ³„μ‹œ 쀑ꡬ μ€‘λ¦Όλ‘œ 49(쀑림동) | 49, Jungnim-Ro, Jung-gu, Seoul

24 hrs

11,000 won (5:00-20:00) / 17,000 won (20:00-5:00) / Free for child under 12 mths

  • Seoul Station (line 1/4, exit 1).

a) Follow the signs to the new Seoullo 7017 overpass, walk towards Siloam Sauna with their big blue sign at the building top visible from afar, exit the overpass and walk up the slope to Siloam Sauna. 


b) Alternatively, you can walk to Lotte Mart and exit at the other end of the Mart. After exiting from Lotte Mart building, turn right and walk straight about 50m to the traffic light. Cross the road at the traffic light, turn left and walk up the slope to Siloam Sauna. 12 mins walk.

Siloam Sauna is a quality Korean Jjimjilbang (sauna & bath-house) conveniently located diagonally-behind Seoul Station.


What's Special about Siloam Sauna?

Siloam Sauna is a great place to rest and relax especially from day-long sightseeing, shopping or early morning arrival to Seoul.


It is located right at the city center and within walking distance from Seoul Station.


Siloam's ability to maintain its local feel and ambience adds to its attractiveness.


Siloam Sauna - Floor Plan

B1-1F: Separate Women/Men dressing and bath areas.

2F-5F: Common areas to enjoy with friends and families (fully-clothed).


Floor Plan of Siloam Sauna Jjimjilbang | Seoul, South Korea

Siloam Sauna - Facilities

Siloam Sauna opens 24 hours and has 6 floors of amazing facilities.


It includes:

  • hot & cold baths

  • Korean body scrubs

  • salt exfoliating scrubs

  • hot & cold fomentation sauna rooms

  • sleeping rooms

  • sports massages

  • restaurant

  • snack bars

  • lockers

  • luggage keeping room

  • etc


Siloam Sauna - Bath Water Source & Medicinal Hot Baths

Siloam Sauna's baths use natural excellent quality germanium water drawn 300m underground and is known to be good for the skin.


There are also medicinal hot baths such as mugwort and giok for healing and relaxation.


Siloam Sauna - Hot & Cold Fomentation Rooms

Siloam Sauna Fomentation Rooms of various temperatures, material and health benefits.


Siloam Sauna - Sleeping Rooms

For those arriving early morning in Seoul (or for cheap overnight stays), you can use the sleeping rooms on 5th Floor. There are sections for women only, heavy snorers and red-lights (for some health benefits) that you can switch on. 


Siloam Sauna - Restaurant Menu