How to go to Pohang International Fireworks Festival

Hyeongsangang Riverside Sports Park, Pohang

from Seoul:

Take an express bus from Seoul Express Bus Terminal 서울고속버스터미널 (Express Bus Terminal Station, line 3/7/9, directly connected) to Pohang Express Bus Terminal 포항고속버스터미널 (3hr 40mins, 21,000 won).

Online Bus Reservation (from Seoul: 'Seoul Gyeongbu')

On arrival at Pohang Express Bus Terminal,

a) walk towards Hyeongsangang River, 25 mins OR

b) take bus #101 or #175 and get off at Hyeongsan Rotary Bus Stop, 6mins

Alternatively, you can take the KTX train from Seoul to Pohang Station 포항역 (2hrs 30mins, 53, 600 won reserved seat) & take bus #175 to Hyeongsan Rotary Bus Stop (30mins).

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