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Ananti Cove & getting there | Busan, South Korea

Ananti Cove 아난티코브

부산광역시 기장군 기장읍 기장해안로 268-31 | 268-31, Gijanghaean-ro, Gijang-eup, Gijang-gun, Busan, Korea


Ananti Cove - Admission Fees


OSIRIA Station (Donghae line, exit 1)

  • Taxi: Take the taxi from the taxi stand in front of the exit. 9 mins ride. About ₩5,600.

  • Bus: Turn left upon exit. Walk towards the main road in front and turn right to the bus stop. 1 min walk. Take Bus# 1001/139. 4 mins.

Haeundae Station (line 2, exit 7)

  • Taxi, 22 mins. About ₩14,000.

  • Bus: Take Bus# 1001/100/181. 33 mins.

Busan KTX Station / Busan Station (line 1)

  • Taxi: Take the taxi from Busan KTX Station. 47 mins. About ₩41,000.

  • Bus: Bus stop is in front of Busan KTX Station or Busan Station (line 1, exit 6). Take bus# 1001. 1hr 22 mins.

For all buses, get off at Dongam Back Gate 동암 후문 stop. Walk straight in the direction as the bus moving off. At the first traffic light junction, turn right onto Gijanghaean-ro and walk all the way to Ananti Cove. 9 mins walk.​

Ananti Cove: | Ananti Hilton Busan:

Ananti Cove a remarkable luxury resort town located on the edge of a beautiful and secluded bay in Gijang, Busan. It has emerged as a hot seaside travel destination for locals in South Korea as well.

The large resort town of Ananti Cove consist of:

  • lifestyle brand shops, cafes and restaurants at Ananti Town.

  • one of the best hot springs in Korea, Water House.

  • 2.5km Osiria Coastal Walk.

  • 5* hotel with unique architectural design, Ananti Hilton Busan.

  • Ananti Penthouse & Private Residence (members only).

Blue Skies

Ananti Town

There are several interesting and carefully selected shops at Ananti Town. Many shops come with scenic ocean view too.

Besides shops that sells amazingly designed items (Cobalt by Cabine de Poisson, Salon de Eternal JourneyBenebene), there are restaurants that serve French (A Point) and Asian (Pan Asian) cuisines. There is also an all-day French-style brunch bistro (Overlap Private Kitchen) and craft beer restaurant (This is Beer). For the coffee lovers, Sant’ Eustachio II Caffe, one of the top 3 cafes in Rome is a must-visit. This is their only cafe opened outside of Italy.

For those looking for relaxation, head for The Spa Hasta for a true therapy experience; or transcend to another space and time at Cabine de Poisson's Interactive Media Art Gallery.

Lastly, there is Eternal Journey, the largest in Ananti Town. It is an instagram-worthy lifestyle bookstore (or "library") with a cafe.

Ananti Cove - Ananti Town - Eternal Journey | Busan, South Korea
Blue Skies

Water House Hot Spring

⌚ 9:00-22:00

💸 Low Season (Mar-Jun & Sep-Nov)

✽All-Day Pass

  • Weekdays Adult: ₩79,000 / Child (age 3-13): ₩40,000

  • Weekends Adult: ₩97,000 / Child: ₩48,000

✽Half Day Pass (4hrs)​

  • Weekdays Adult: ₩60,000 / Child: ₩30,000

  • Weekends Adult: ₩79,000 / Child: ₩40,000  

✽Night Pass (from 18:00)

  • Weekdays Adult: ₩32,000 / Child: ₩19,000

  • Weekends Adult: ₩57,000 / Child: ₩29,000  

High Season (Jul-Aug & Dec-Feb)

  • All-Day Pass Adult: ₩97,000 / Child: ₩48,000

  • Half Day Pass Adult: ₩79,000 / Child: ₩40,000  

  • Night Pass Adult: ₩57,000 / Child: ₩29,000  

The Water House Hot Spring provides both indoor and outdoor pools with spring water drawn from 600m underground. Its pure spring water has been tested and certified by The Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources.


The mineral-rich water is claimed to have medicinal effects to help bathers relieve symptoms such as neuralgia, arteriosclerosis, dermatitis and arthritis, as well as anti-aging and conditioning effects.


💡Bring your own swimwear.

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Osiria Coastal Walk (2.1km) & Orangdae Park 오랑대 공원

Osiria Coastal Walk is a 2.1km well-maintained walking trail along the coast, perfect for those who wish for an easy leisure walk close to the clear water edge.

The trail starts at Dongam Village on the right side (when facing the sea) near to Ananti Cove. It has panoramic view of the well-known Haedong Yonggungsa Temple at a distance.

💡In fact, you can follow the coastline from Dongam Village, passing National Fisheries Science Museum to reach Haedong Yonggungsa Temple. The walking distance is about 1km.

From Ananti Cove, the walking trail extends 1km along the whole stretch of the resort town. One of the highlights on this section of Osiria Coastal Walk is the Geobukbawi Rock (Turtle Rock).

Beyond Ananti Cove (on the left when facing the sea), the trail continues 1km onwards to Orangdae Park.

The waterfront park was created to preserve the natural scenery of Orangdae and is famous as a sunrise spot for the photography enthusiasts.

💡The word "Osiria" originated from a combination of 2 attractions in Gijang i.e. "Orangdae" (as seen along Osiria Coastal Walk) and another scenic spot "Sirangdae". "Osir" combines with the suffix "~ia" to indicate a place. "Osiria" also has the meaning of "Come to Busan".

Popular sights along this section of the trail include Yongwangdan and Haegwangsa Temple, with view of Daebyeon Port at a distance.

a) Yongwangdan

Yongwangdan is a a temple built on top of a large rock, dedicated to the Dragon King.

Haegwangsa Temple

Blue Skies

Ananti Hilton Busan

Ananti Hilton Busan is the ultimate seaside holiday destination with all the fabulous facilities and activities available within Ananti Cove and nearby to many tourist attractions like Lotte World Adventure Busan and Haedong Yonggungsa Temple.

The hotel boasts a total of 4 indoor and outdoor sea-facing swimming pools. It has the largest infinity pool (40m x 18.5m) by the ocean among five-star hotels in Korea.


For quieter atmosphere, there is an Adults Only Infinity Pool on the 2nd floor. On the 10th floor, the McQueen's Pool offers all-year round swimming with exceptional ocean view from it all-glass windows. Its outdoor terrace sits the jacuzzi, whirlpool and dry sauna, with equally unmatched scene of the ocean.

a) Finest Ocean Facing Pools

Da Moim at Avanti Hilton Busan is the largest buffet restaurant of a hotel in Korea with cuisine from around the world.

b) Finest Ocean Facing Bar, Lounge & Restaurant

The rooftop bar, McQueen's Bar and indoor McQueen's Lounge on the 10th floor offer panoramic view of the ocean over their distinctive cocktails, signature menu and afternoon tea.

b) Finest Guest Rooms

All guest rooms at Avanti Hilton Busan are larger than conventional hotel rooms with private balconies of ocean or forest views.


Guests can enjoy a memorable stay at the comforts of their rooms and explore Ananti Cove at their leisure.

★★★★★ | 8.5 Review Rating

Blue Skies

Osiria Tourism Complex & Attractions Nearby

Gijang, where Ananti Cove is located, used to be a "sleeping" district with probably Haedong Yonggungsa Temple more well-known to international tourists. However, much has changed in the past years with the development projects under Osiria Tourism Complex.

Osiria Tourism Complex which includes Ananti Cove, is a mega project by Busan Metropolitan City with aim to promote tourism with Korea's best and largest luxury marine complex resort for all seasons with facilities that encompass shopping mall, entertainment, accommodation, sports, recreational and cultural.

The project costs a massive 6 trillion won with an extensive land area of ​​3.66 million sqm across Daejeon-ri and Sirang-ri, Gijang-eup and Gijang-gun.

Currently, its completed facilities include:

  • Lotte Premium Outlets Dongbusan Branch (2014)

  • Haeundae Beach Golf Club (2014)

  • National Busan Science Museum (2015)

  • OSIRIA Station - Donghae Line (2016)

  • Ananti Cove - Ananti Hilton Busan & Ananti (2017)

  • IKEA Dongbusan (2020)

  • Skyline Luge Busan (2021)

  • Lotte World Adventure Busan (2022)


Other projects in the pipeline include:

  • Aqua World (~2023)

  • Banyan Tree Busan (~2024)

With the opening of the popular Lotte World Adventure Busan, Gijang is certainly a destination worth visiting and exploring further with at least an overnight stay at Ananti Hilton Busan.


Ananti Cove Map

Ananti Cove Map | Busan, South Korea

Map of Getting to Ananti Cove & Nearby Attractions

Map of Getting to Ananti Cove & Nearby Attractions | Busan, South Korea

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