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Amnam Park & Getting There | Busan, South Korea

Amnam Park 암남공원

부산 서구 암남동 산 193 | San 193, Amnam-dong, Seo-gu, Busan

Open all year round.

Amnam Park - Admission Fees


  • Take Busan Air Cruise Cable Car from Songdo Bay Station to Songdo Sky Park (station) at Amnam Park. 15-20mis ride.

  • Busan Station - no direct bus.

  • Nampo Station (line 1, exit 8), walk 60m ahead, take Bus# 7/30/71 from bus stop outside Lotte Dept. Store. 19 mins ride. Drop off at Amnam Park bus stop. Cross the road and walk on your right to Amnam Park entrance.​ 2 mins walk.

  • Songdo Beach bus stop (across the road from the beach side), take Bus# 7/30/71 and drop off at Amnam Park bus stop. 4mins ride. Follow the walking path above.


💡Bus #30/71 from Nampo Station allow you to alight at both bus stops for Songdo Cloud Trails/Busan Air Cruise and Songdo Beach as well.

💡Bus #7 does not stop at the stop near Songdo Cloud Trails/Busan Air Cruise.

Amnam Park boasts a beautiful coastal view is a rare natural ecology park in the city center of Songdo, Busan.

History of Amnam Park, a once prohibited land

Amnam Park has a charming primeval forested landscape untouched by time with tree-lined sea view and magnificent cliffs of sedimentary rocks formed about 100 million years ago where traces of dinosaurs, including the dinosaur footprints and fossils were found.

It was once a military protected area and entry is prohibited. It was only opened to the public in April 1996.

Exploring Amnam Park

Amnam Park, often overshadowed by the more popular Songdo Beach has in fact a lot to offer. Besides being the core place of connectivity to Busan Air Cruise - Songdo Marine Cable CarSongdo Yonggung Suspension Bridge and Songdo Coastal Bolle-gil Trail, it is also the closest you can get to see Dudo Island via its forest walking trails.


It is definitely worthwhile to spend 1-2 hours exploring the park, with history tracing back to the dinosaur days and impressive coastal views.

a) Busan Air Cruise - Songdo Marine Cable Car (Songdo Sky Park station)

Songdo Sky Park is the cable car station for taking Busan Air Cruise across the ocean to Songdo Bay Station at Songnim Park near Songdo Beach.


The station offers many attractions, cafes, restaurants and a convenience store. The Sky Harbor Observatory on its 3F rooftop offers fantastic view of Songdo Peninsula, time capsule placements and many photo zones.

b) Songdo Yonggung Suspension Bridge (/Songdo Yonggung Cloud Bridge)

Songdo Yonggung Suspension Bridge connects Amnam Park across the sea to the small island, Dongseom Island. It measures 127.1m long and 2m wide.

The suspension bridge encircles the upper part of Dongseom Island, offers magnificent 360˚ view of the uninhabited island, rocky cliffs, interesting rock formations, Songdo Beach, Busan Air Cruise cable car,s Songdo Coastal Bolle-gil Trail and the ocean beyond.

c) Dino Adventure

Due to Amnam Park geological heritage, the dinosaur era is also re-enacted at Dino Adventure, located outside Songdo Sky Park (station). You can discover several huge moving and sound-making dinosaurs in your walks at Amnam Park.

d) Amnam Park Healing Forest

Amnam Park Healing Forest is probably one of the best hidden places in Busan. There are several highly recommended easy walking trails in the forest with suspension bridge, photo zones and observatories with beautiful views of the ocean and strangely shaped cliffs. It is a great place to take a break and immerse in the beauty of nature.

💡Most of the signs and information maps are in Korean. Please use your mobile language translation app whenever required.

🌳Map of Healing Forest Walking Trails, Amnam Park 🌳

Amnam Park - Map of Healing Forest Walking Trails | Busan, South Korea

Track 1: Happy Healing Forest Trail 0.9km / 25mins (pink)


Track 2: Healing Forest Trail of Contemplation 1.4km / 40mins (orange)


Track 3: Healing Forest Trail of Challenge 1.3km / 30mins (yellow)


Track 4: Baragi Healing Forest Trail 2.9km / 70mins (blue)

▶ red bridge, camellia path, blue frame photo zone, I love U sign, Love Stairway, Dudo Observation deck

Amnam Park - Map of Healing Forest Walking Trails | KoreaToDo

e) Dudo Island

Walking along the Healing Forest Trail at Amnam Park will get you to Dudo Observatory for the closest view of Dudo Island

Dudo Island, the land of birds is an uninhabited island and one of the 12 Busan National Geopark Geosites in Busan. Besides its magnificent volcanic rock formations, it is also a treasured site for its dinosaur bones and egg nest fossils.

From the Dudo Observatory, you can see exquisite views of Yeongdo Island and Oryukdo Islets at a distance away on your left and the nearby Gamcheon Port on the right side.


💡Geosite refers to a place with rare and valuable geological or geomorphological phenomenon.

f) Amnam Park Grilled Clams Restaurants 암남공원 조개구이 희자매


부산 서구 암남동 620-24 | 620-24 Amnam-dong Seo-gu, Busan


11:00-24:00. Tuesday - Sunday. Closed on Mondays.


At Amnam Park, follow the signs to the Public Carpark.


The menu will most probably be in Korean only. So, have your mobile language translation app ready and point to the items you wish to order.

Hidden away at the public carpark of Amnam Park is a row of grilled clams restaurants. These restaurants are hugely popular, and primarily known to the locals. Big crowds can be seen queuing outside their favourite grilled clam restaurants, even on a weekday.

The food is served beautifully layout in a platter. One can enjoy a hearty meal with great seafood, drinks and company in a relax, local atmosphere.

🍻General Menu Guide🍻

Amnam Park - Grilled Clams Restaurants - Menu | Busan, South Korea

💡Subject to change and differ between restaurants.

Assorted Seafood ₩50,000 (small) / ₩60,000 / ₩70,000 / ₩80,000

Grilled Clams ₩60,000 (small) / ₩70,000 / ₩80,000 / ₩90,000

Grilled Eel market price / Grilled Lobster ₩30,000 / Abalone Porridge 15,000 per pax / 

Fried Rice ₩2,000

Amnam Park - Grilled Clams Restaurants - Menu | KoreaToDo

Outside the restaurants, people can be spotted fishing at the water edge of the carpark. On one end of the carpark is the entrance to the scenic Songdo Coastal Bolle-gil Trail walk to Songdo Beach. The other end of the carpark overlooks to Songdo Yonggung Suspension Bridge, connecting Amnam Park to Dongseom Island. You can also see the Busan Air Cruise - Songdo Marine Cable Car running above as well.

g) Songdo Coastal Bolle-gil Trail

Temporarily closed for damage recovery due to typhoon (until the first half of 2024).

Songdo Coastal Bolle-gil Trail connects Amnam Park (entrance at Amnam Park Public Carpark) and Songdo Beach, allowing visitors to walk close to the water on the red iron deck (800m) built along the coast.

Besides its superb coastal view, you can also observe dinosaur egg nest fossils and diverse stratums that have been made with sedimentary rocks from 100 million years ago along the trail.

💡Songdo Peninsula is also one of the Busan National Geopark Geosites, a rare place of valuable geological significance.

Amnam Park ➜ Songdo Coastal Bolle-gil Trail (optional) ➜ Songdo Beach

From Amnam Park, there are 4 travel options back to Songdo Beach:


Busan Air Cruise Marine Cable Car, 15-20mins ride.

🦕 easiest 

Songdo Coastal Bolle-gil Trail, entering from Amnam Park Public Carpark. 1.2km, 20 mins walk.

🦕 most scenic

Walk along the road, before going down the stairs on the right to walk along the coast. About 1.6km, 25 mins walk.

🦕 scenic & easy downhill walk

Take bus# 7, 30 & 71 from the bus stop on the same side (i.e. not across the road) of Amnam Park exit and drop off at Songdo Beach bus stop. 4 mins ride and 2 mins walk to Songdo Beach.

🦕 fast & cheap

Map of Travel Options from Amnam Park, Songdo Coastal Bolle-gil Trail to Songdo Beach | Busan, South Korea

💡Sights on the walk from Amnam Park to Songdo Beach  (route )


Map Orientation of Amnam Park & Recommended Day Course to Songdo Top Attractions

Map of Recommended Tour Course to Busan Songdo Beach & Nearby Top Attractions | Busan, South Korea

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Busan Must-Visit Day Tour (Sky Capsule & Beach Train)

Busan Must-Visit Day Tour (Sky Capsule & Beach Train)


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Busan Air Cruise Cable Car Ticket

Busan Air Cruise Cable Car Ticket


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Gyeongju UNESCO World Heritage Site Day Trip

Gyeongju UNESCO World Heritage Site Day Trip


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Busan Premium Yacht Tour (optional private tour)

Busan Premium Yacht Tour (optional private tour)


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Oedo Botania Island & Geoje Cable Car Day Tour

Oedo Botania Island & Geoje Cable Car Day Tour


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Haeundae River Cruise (hourly departures)

Haeundae River Cruise (hourly departures)


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CLUBD OASIS: Water Park @LCT, Haeundae Beach

CLUBD OASIS: Water Park @LCT, Haeundae Beach


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Busan Premium Yacht Tour (optional private tour)

Busan Premium Yacht Tour (optional private tour)


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