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Seomyeon Shopping District & Getting There | Busan, South Korea

Seomyeon Shopping District 서면 쇼핑 지구

(includes Jeonpo Cafe Street, popular malls/shops, best cafes/restaurants, hotel picks, nearby attractions & maps)

부산광역시 부산진구 중앙대로 지하 | Jungang-daero, Busanjin-gu, Busan


Seomyeon Shopping District - Admission Fees


Seomyeon Station (line 1/2)

  • exit 1/2: main shopping area, underground mall, restaurants and eateries

  • exit 2: Running Man Busan, PooPoo Land, Samjung Tower

  • exit 6: NC Department Store

  • exit 7: Lotte Department Store, Lotte Busan Duty Free Shop

  • exit 12/15: Bujeon Mall - Seomyeon Underground Shopping Center

Jeonpo Station (line 2)​

  • Exit 7: Jeonpo Cafe Street

Bujeon Station (line 1)

  • near exit 2: Bujeon Mall - Seomyeon Underground Shopping Center


The popular Seomyeon Shopping District bustles with life all day long with many cafes, restaurants, bars, shopping malls, underground malls, cosmetics brands and fashion shops.


It is supported by 3 nearest subway stations, namely Seomyeon Station (line 1/2), Jeonpo Station (line 2) and Bujeon Station (line 1). Also, Seomyeon Station is the line transfer station between Busan Station (line 1) and the popular Haeundae Station (line 2) which further explains its popularity for many travellers to Busan.

The layout of shops on both sides of the main boulevard, Jungang-daero after Seomyeon Station's exits 1 and 2 closely resembles the famous Gangnam-daero at Gangnam Station's exits 10 and 11, including the inclusion of underground malls.


On top, the popular Jeonpo Cafe Street near to Jeonpo Station (line 2) in Seomyeon is a great place to discover interesting prop shops, hidden cafes and fabulous restaurants.

Department Stores & Underground Shopping Malls

Seomyeon is no doubt a shopping heaven surrounded by shopping malls, boutique shops and underground malls with budget-priced items to luxury brands.

a) Lotte Department Store Busan Main Branch 롯데백화점 부산본점

🏠부산광역시 부산진구 가야대로 772 | 772 Gaya-daero, Busanjin-gu, Busan

🔅Mon-Thu: 10:30-20:00 | Fri-Sun: 10:30-20:30

🛒Shopping Floors: B2-11F

🚇Seomyeon Station (line 1/2, connected underpass or exit 7)


Lotte Department Store offers the complete shopping experience with fashion, accessories, luxury goods, Duty Free Shop, sports, kitchenware, appliances, furniture, food hall, restaurants, cafes and cinema. It is conveniently connected to Lotte Hotel Busan and Seomyeon Station.

b) NC Department Store Seomyeon (NC백화점 서면점)

🏠부산 부산진구 동천로 92 | 92 Dongcheon-ro, Busanjin-gu, Busan

🔅Mon-Thu: 10:30-21:00 | Fri-Sun: 10:30-22:00

🛒Shopping Floors: 1F-6F

🚇Seomyeon Station (line 1/2, exit 6, 5 mins walk)


NC Department Store Seomyeon is another popular shopping mall in Seomyeon, located diagonally across the traffic junction from Toyoko Inn Busan Seomyeon (Hotel). The mall houses mid-range fashion brands like H&M, SPAO, Lloyd, Reom, Top Ten, etc.

Rowan Shabu Shabu & Salad Bar 로운 샤브샤브 located on the 6F is one of the more popular restaurants with its shabu shabu buffet.

c) Samjung Tower 삼정타워

🏠부산 부산진구 중앙대로 672 | 672 Jungang-daero, Busanjin-gu, Busan

🔅Sun-Thu: 11:00-22:00 | Fri-Sat: 11:00-22:30

🛒Lifestyle Experience Floors: B1-16F

🚇Seomyeon Station (line 1/2, exit 2, 6 mins walk)


Samjung Tower is an 'innovative' mall with 17 floors of shopping, dining, lifestyle and entertainment experiences. It caters for all ages, particularly the young.


There are F&B, Beauty, Fashion, Fashion Street, Mom & Kid Zone, Q.Lounge (bar, pizza, craft beer, cafe, bakery, gallery), Fun Zone (e.g. Laser Arena, Angel Coin Karaoke, Jjang Arcade), Running Man, Poo Poo Land, Cinema and e-sports Arena.

Running Man Experience Center (10F, Opening Hours 11:00-20:00, last admission 19:00)

Enjoy the fun of completing various missions as a member of 'Running Man', the popular entertainment program at the Running Man Experience Center.

Poo Poo Land Amusement Park (10F, Opening Hours 11:00-20:00, last admission 19:00)

Poo Pool Land is the first poop theme park in Korea that contains various episodes related to 'poop'. 

Samjung Tower is also known for its collection of popular local and international F&B outlets. Its Q.Lounge on the 8th floor is worth a visit to enjoy their popular craft beer and New York style pizza; or afternoon tea in their huge and relax atmosphere with floor-to-ceiling glass window.

d) Seomyeon Mall - Seomyeon Underground Shopping Center 서면몰 - 서면지하도상가 

🏠부산 부산진구 중앙대로 B717 | Basement 737 Jungang-daero, Busanjin-gu, Busan

🔅10:00 - 22:00 (closed on 1st Tuesday of every month)

🚇Seomyeon Station (line 1/2, near exit 1/2)


Seomyeon Mall underground shopping street is lined with stores selling the latest fashion clothing and accessories. There are several exits/entry points along the underground mall to street level (Jungang-daero), great for passing through on your way to cafe, restaurant or your accommodation nearby.

e) Bujeon Mall - Seomyeon Underground Shopping Center 부전몰 - 서면지하도상가

🏠부산 부산진구 중앙대로 B737 | Basement 737 Jungang-daero, Busanjin-gu, Busan

🔅10:00 - 22:00 (closed on 2nd Tuesday of every month)

🚇Seomyeon Station (line 1/2, near exit 12/15) or Bujeon Station (line 1, near exit 1/2)


Bujeon Mall underground street is located below Bujeon Market between Bujeon Station (line 1) and Seomyeon Station (line 1/2).

Map of Bujeon Mall - Seomyeon Underground Shopping Center | Busan, South Korea

f) Central Mall - Seomyeon Underground Shopping Center 중앙몰 - 서면지하도상가

🏠부산 부산진구 가야대로 지하 B777 | Basement 777 Gaya-daero, Busanjin-gu, Busan

🔅10:00 - 22:00

🚇Seomyeon Station (line 1/2, near exit 7)


The smaller Central Mall (/Jungang Mall) underground street conveniently connects between Lotte Department Store Busan Main Branch and Seomyeon Station.

Cafes, Restaurants & Jeonpo Cafe Street

Besides being a shopper's paradise, Seomyeon is also known for its cafes and restaurants, particularly at Jeonpo Cafe Street.

Jeonpo Cafe Street 전포 카페거리

Jeonpo Cafe Street should not be mistaken as a single street. Instead, it covers a big area of popular prop shops, hip cafes and fabulous restaurants.


It is proudly named as one of the '52 Places to Go in 2017' by The New York Times as well.

Here is an overview of the different cafes and restaurants you can find at Seomyeon, particularly at Jeonpo Cafe Street (in no particular order):

a) Baekyang Meat Farm 백양육식장

🏠부산 부산진구 전포대로 216-1 1층 | 1F, 216-1 Jeonpo-daero, Busanjin-gu, Busan

🔅17:00 - 24:00 (23:00 last order, closed on Mondays)

🚇Jeonpo Station (line 2, exit 8, 5 mins walk)

Baekyang Meat Farm is the must-visit famous BBQ restaurant for beef lovers. You can order different special cuts of domestic Korean beef from their picture menu easily.

b) Seomyeon Milmyeon 서면밀면

🏠부산 부산진구 서전로 25 이오스프라자 | EOS Plaza, 25 Seojeon-ro, Busanjin-gu, Busan

🔅10:30 - 21:30 (21:00 last order)

🚇Seomyeon Station (line 1/2, exit 8, 5 mins walk)

Instead of the typical buckwheat noodles, the popular Seomyeon Milmyeon uses wheat noodles which is a Busan's speciality. There are only 3 items on the menu, cold broth noodles (mul milmyeon 물 밀면), spicy gochujang paste noodles (bibimmyeon 비빔면) and dumplings (mandu 만두).

c) Solsot Seomyeon 솔솥 서면점

🏠부산 부산진구 동천로 51-1 | 51-1 Dongcheon-ro, Busanjin-gu, Busan

🔅11:30 - 21:00 (20:30 last order)

🚇Jeonpo Station (line 2, exit 5)

Solsot Seomyeon is a famous restaurant that specialises in healthy steam pot rice. They served a variety of pot rice options including steak, abalone, sea bream & scallop, salmon, clams, freshwater eel and pork. They also served beef shabu shabu hot pot and side dishes like salmon sashimi and tempura.

d) EU Pizza & Pasta Seomyeon Main Store (EU 피자&파스타 서면 본점)

🏠부산 부산진구 중앙대로680번길 29 | 29, Jungang-daero 680beon-gil, Busanjin-gu, Busan

🔅11:00 - 23:00 (16:00 - 15:00 breaktime, 22:30 last order)

🚇Seomyeon Station (line 1/2, exit 2, 7 mins walk) | Jeonpo Station (line 2, exit 5, 7 mins walk)


EU Pizza & Pasta Seomyeon Main Store is famous for its wide varieties of delicious wood-fired pizzas. Their pasta (olive oil, tomato, cream & fusion selections) are also very well-received. Other items on the menu include risotto, salad, sides (fries, bread), delightful looking cocktails (sangria, mojitos), draft beer, craft beer, etc.

e) Nakhwa 낙화

🏠부산 부산진구 전포대로209번길 14 2층 | 2nd floor, 14, Jeonpo-daero 209beon-gil, Busanjin-gu, Busan

🔅Mon-Fri 17:00 - 23:00 | Sat-Sun 12:00 - 23:00 (15:00 - 17:00 breaktime, 14:00 lunch last order, 22:00 dinner last order)

🚇Jeonpo Station (line 2, exit 7, 3 mins walk)

Nakhwa is a great Korean BBQ restaurant option for those who likes BBQ food but not the smoke and the grilling itself. Nakhwa offers 100% Korean pork grilled to perfection by professional Chef. You can have the hearty meal in a relaxed atmosphere at its 2nd floor terrace overlooking Jeonpo Cafe Street.

f) Vintage 38 (빈티지38)

🏠부산광역시 부산진구 전포대로199번길 38 | 38 Jeonpo-daero 199beon-gil, Busanjin-gu, Busan

🔅00:00 - 24:00

🚇Jeonpo Station (line 2, exit 7, 4 mins walk)

Compared to the many boutique cafes at Jeonpo Cafe Street, Vintage 38 stands out as a fairly large cafe with 2.5 floors and opens 24hrs daily. Its interior is well-decorated into different cosy zones and themes. There is also a wide selection of appetizing cakes and pastries on display.

g) Jeonpo Cafe Street - Other Cafes & Restaurants


Butter Book & Cook

Full Full



Yeonundang 연운당

Where to Stay in Seomyeon

Seomyeon Shopping District offers a lively and busy atmosphere with great cafes, restaurants and shops all around. Besides its convenient location of only 6 subway stops from Seomyeon Station to Busan Station (for KTX trains to Seoul) on the same subway line, many day tours offers pick up and drop off at Seomyeon Station (line 1/2) too.

There quite a number of accommodation options located around Seomyeon Station.

a) Lotte Hotel Busan (★★★★★ 8.6 Review Rating)

Here are KoreaToDo's recommended accommodation picks based on their popularity, unique offerings, walking distance to Seomyeon Station and along main road/street (i.e. not on the small lanes). Lotte Hotel Busan is the nearest recommended hotel to Seomyeon Station with the other 3 hotel picks about 6 mins walk and the last one is 9 mins walk.

Lotte Hotel Busan is 'The Hotel' to stay in Seomyeon area... if budget permits. The hotel is directly connected to Lotte Department Store and Seomyeon Station (5 mins walk via underground shopping arcade). Its wide spread of buffet breakfast is a must-try. There is also a Sauna Room (members & guests only) with cold, warm and hot water pools for that 'hot spring' experience.

b) Toyoko Inn Busan Seomyeon (★★★ 8.4 Review Rating)

Toyoko Inn Busan Seomyeon is located on an easy 6 mins walk straight from exit 8 of Seomyeon Station (or exit 10 with escalator access). The hotel offers competitive room rates inclusive of daily complimentary buffet breakfast.

c) Arban Hotel (★★★ 8.9 Review Rating)

Arban Hotel is a popular hotel with good review rating that is located on a 6 mins walk from Seomyeon Station (exit 7). All rooms (except Superior Rooms) come with whirlpool bathtub. There is an outdoor garden on the 13F where you can enjoy beautiful day and night views of downtown Busan.

d) Sangsang Stay Busan (★★★ 9.4 Review Rating)

Sangsang Stay Busan is located across the street from Arban Hotel, 6 mins walk from exit 7 of Seomyeon Station as well. It is a popular hotel with one of the best review ratings in Seomyeon area. The hotel offers multiple private room types up to 6 beds, with shared or private shower and toilet options. Selective private rooms with shared showers are interestingly decorated too.

e) Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel Busan (★★★★ 8.5 Review Rating)

If you don't mind a slightly longer walk, 9 mins from from exit 7 of Seomyeon Station, the very well-received 4* Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel Busan will be a great mid-range option of all facilities (except swimming pool) of a hotel. There is even a sauna (dry & pool) located at the basement of the hotel!

Attractions Nearby

With 2 subway lines operating from Seomyeon Station (line 1/2), there is indeed many travel options from the central location of Seomyeon.


Let's hit the scenic coastal walking trails in Busan to burn some calories from all the great food taken.

a) Huinnyeoul Culture Village, Huinnyeoul Coastal Tunnel & Jeoryeong Coastal  Walk

🚇Take the subway to Nampo Station (line 1, 8 stops, exit 6) & 🚌a short bus ride (12 mins) direct to Huinnyeoul Culture Village.

b) Busan Air Cruise Cable Car & Songdo Cloud Trails | Songdo Yonggung Suspension Bridge & Healing Forest Trail @Amnam Park

🚇Take the subway to Nampo Station (line 1, 8 stops, exit 5) & 🚌bus ride (11 mins) to Songdo Beach.

c) Haeundae Beach, Haeundae Beach Train/Sky Capsule & Busan Green Railway Coastal Trail

🚇Take the subway to Haeundae Station (line 2, 16 stops, exit 3), 🚶‍♀️8 mins walk to Haeundae Beach & another 12 mins walk left of the beach to Haeundae Blueline Park.


Map of Seomyeon Shopping District

Map of Seomyeon Shopping District | Busan, South Korea

Guide Map of Jeonpo Cafe Street

Map of Jeonpo Cafe Street | Busan, South Korea

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Busan City Day Tour (Hot Attractions)


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Spa Land Centum City Ticket

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Busan Night Small Group Photo Tour


Choryang Ibagu-gil, Cheonghak Waterside Park, Gwangalli Beach & Hwangryeongsan Mountain

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Running Man Thematic Experience Center Ticket


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Busan Must-Visit Day Tour (Sky Capsule & Beach Train)

Busan Must-Visit Day Tour (Sky Capsule & Beach Train)


✚Cheongsapo Skywalk, Jukseong Cathedral & Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

Poo Poo Land Ticket

Poo Poo Land Ticket


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