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Gwangalli Beach & Getting There | Busan, South Korea

Gwangalli Beach 광안리 해수욕장 & Millak-dong 민락동

  • Attractions (Gwangandaegyo Bridge, Drone Show, Marine Leisure Sports Center, Millak Raw Fish Street, Millac The Market, Millak Lighthouses, etc)

  • Recommended Cafes & Restaurants

  • Recommended Hotels

부산광역시 수영구 광안해변로 219 | 219, Gwanganhaebyeon-ro, Suyeong-gu, Busan

All year round

Gwangalli Beach - Admission Fees


  • Geumnyeonsan Station (line 2, exit 1). U-turn upon exit, go straight and turn left to Namcheobada-ro. The beach is at the end of the road. 7 mins walk.

  • Gwangan Station (line 2, exit 3/5). U-turn upon exit and go straight. Turn left (for exit 3) or turn right (for exit 5) to Gwangan-ro. The beach is at the end of the road. 12 mins walk.

Gwangalli Beach is best known for its magnificent view of Gwangandaegyo Bridge across the ocean and M Drone Light Show at night.


The fine sandy beach is 1.4 km long and 30-111m wide, along the the beautiful coast of Busan.

Orientation of Gwangalli Beach

Gwanganhaebyeon-ro is the main road that runs along the whole stretch of Gwangalli Beach. One side of the road is the wide pedestrian promenade leading to the beach, the other side is lined with many fantastic ocean-view cafes and restaurants.

On the extreme left of Gwangalli Beach (facing the sea) is Millak-dong, famous for its live seafood markets and restaurants. On the extreme right of Gwangalli Beach is a the popular marine leisure sea sports center and residential area with many high-rise apartments.

💡No public bus runs along the main road. 


Gwangalli Beach vs Haeundae Beach

With so many beautiful beaches in Busan, you may wonder if it is worth visiting Gwangalli Beach compared to the famous Haeundae Beach nearby.

Though the 2 beaches are pretty similar in length, Gwangalli Beach is a great place to chill out with its long stretch of ocean view cafes and restaurants. Also, the famous view of Gwangandaegyo Bridge across the ocean is particularly phenomenal and beautiful at night. There are also drone show, sea sports and live seafood markets at Gwangalli Beach, not found at Haeundae Beach.


Things to See & Do at Gwangalli Beach

Gwangandaegyo Bridge ✦ Drone Show ✦ Marine Leisure Sports Center ✦ Millak Raw Fish Street ✦ Millac The Market

Millak Port ✦ Millak Waterfront Park

1. Gwangandaegyo Bridge 광안대교

 ☾ Lighting Schedule

Nov-Apr weekdays (Sun-Thu): sunset - 24:00, weekends (Fri-Sat): sunset - 2:00

May, Jun, Sep, Oct weekdays (Sun-Thu): sunset - 1:00, weekends (Fri-Sat): sunset - 2:00

Jul-Aug & public holidays: sunset - 2:00


Gwangandaegyo Bridge (also referred as Gwangan Bridge or Diamond Bridge) is the largest marine double-decker bridge in Korea. It crosses the sea with a total length of 7.42km. The bridge links Plaza No. 49 in Namcheon-dong (Suyeong-gu district) to near Centum City in Woo-dong (Haeundae-gu district).

The bridge is installed with state-of-the-art lighting system that makes the bridge shines with over 100,000 colours every night. It is such a popular attraction in Busan that several cruise operators (e.g. Haeundae Cruise departing from Haeundae Mipo or Yacht Cruise Tour from The Bay 101) take passengers for view of the spectacular architecture up close on board from the ocean.

2. Gwangalli M Drone Light Show 광안리 M 드론라이트쇼

 ☾  Every Saturday, 20:00, 22:00 (Mar - Sep), 19:00, 21:00 (Oct - Feb), 10 mins, Free


Gwangalli M Drone Light Show is the first permanent drone light show held in Korea. The drone show kicks start on the left side of the beach (i.e. facing the sea) but can be viewed anywhere on Gwangalli Beach.


With a different theme every week, hundreds of drones put up spectacular performances to provide unforgettable memories to visitors.

3. Gwangalli Ocean Leports Center 광안리 해양 레포츠센터

 ☗ 부산광역시 수영구 광안해변로54번길 222 | 222, Gwanganhaebyeon-ro 54beon-gil, Suyeong-gu, Busan

 ☼ 10:00 - 18:00 (Mon-Sun, Lunch Break 12:00 - 13:00)


Gwangalli Ocean Leports Center is located on the extreme right end (i.e. facing the sea) of Gwangalli Beach.

It offers a variety of fun and safe water activities such as water playground, paddle board SUP, kayak, rafting boat, surfboard, banana boat, disco boat, jet boat, semi-submersible jet boat, motor boat, public/private yacht tour, etc.

The center also offers various interesting packages that include Gwangalli M Drone Light Show and Gwangalli Sea Cinema.

4. Millak Raw Fish Street 민락 생선회 테마거리

Located on the extreme left end (i.e. when facing the sea) of Gwangalli Beach is Millak Raw Fish Street. It is a large area known for its many live seafood markets and sashimi restaurants.

💡You can buy live seafood at the market and bring it to the restaurants upstairs/nearby for preparation and cooking at additional charges which include table setting fee (around ₩5,000 to ₩6,000 per person) and cooking fee (steamed, grilled, stew or fried from ₩10,000 per dish).

💡Most seafood restaurants in the vicinity offer sashimi/raw seafood on their menu. So, if you prefer, you may just order from the restaurant.

💡Alternatively, you can have the fish market store prepares the sashimi for you, including optional sauces and leafy vegetables for takeaway. This is also a popular option for the locals to pack their sashimi and have a relax picnic on the beach or waterfront park nearby.

Recommended popular raw fish markets with good ocean view (for dine-in at restaurants) and ease of getting there:


a) Millak Raw Fish Center (/Millak Hoe Town) 민락회타운
☗ 부산 수영구 민락수변로 1 민락타운 | Millak Town, 1 Millaksubyeon-ro, Suyeong-gu, Busan
☼ 9:00 - 2:00


Millak Raw Fish Center is the first building when you turn into Millaksubyeon-ro from Gwanganhaebyeon-ro (/beach). 1F is the live fish market and the restaurants are on 2-10F. The market operates on a fixed-price system (i.e. same price per kg) regardless of the store you purchase the seafood.

b) Millak Fisherman's Live Fish Market 민락어민활어직판장
☗ 부산 수영구 광안해변로312번길 60 | 60, Gwanganhaebyeon-ro 312beon-gil, Suyeong-gu, Busan
☼ 9:00 - 22:00

Millak Fisherman's Live Fish Market is located 10 mins walk from Millak Raw Fish Center along Millaksubyeon-ro and turn left at the end of the road along the coast. Live fish market is on the 1F and the restaurants are on 2F.

5. Millac The Market 밀락더마켓

 ☗ 부산 수영구 민락수변로17번길 56 | 56, Millaksubyeon-ro 17beon-gil, Suyeong-gu, Busan
☼ 10:00 - 24:00


Millac The Market, the grand prize winner of '2022 Busan Architecture Award' is located right next to Millak Fisherman's Live Fish Market. The building resembles a large warehouse found at Busan Port. Since its opening in 2022, Millac The Market has become a hot trending place for many visitors to Gwangalli.

It is a large cultural space complex (B1-2F) with trendy restaurants, cafes, select shops, pop-up stores, experiential flagship stores and art platform. Ocean View Stand is the popular space where you can sit on the stairs and enjoy panoramic view of Gwangandaegyo Bridge and Millak Port through its wide glass window.

6. Millak Port 민락항 / Millak-dong Breakwater 민락동방파제 / White & Red Lighthouses / Millak Waterfront Park 민락수변공원

Located across the road from Millak Fisherman's Live Fish Market and Millac The Market; and along the coastal road (Millaksubyeon-ro) are Millak Port, Millak-dong Breakwater, White & Red Lighthouses and Millak Waterfront Park (also known as Millak Waterside Park)

You can take a leisure walk along the coastal promenade and enjoy your take-away food/packed sashimi with scenic view of the coast, Haeundae Marine City and Gwangandaegyo Bridge.

💡This is the closest spot you can view Gwangandaegyo Bridge on land.

Seasonal Festivals/Highlights at Gwangalli Beach

Busan Fireworks Festival ✦ Gwangalli Car-free Cultural Street ✦ Flower Fields

1. Busan Fireworks Festival 부산 불꽃축제

Dates: Every Autumn

Location: Gwangalli Beach

Busan Fireworks Festival has established to be one of the most popular festivals in South Korea. The festival is held yearly during autumn along Gwangalli Beach.

💡The spectacular fireworks also can be seen from Dongbaekseom Island and Igidae Coastal Park.

2. Gwangalli Car-free Cultural Street

Dates: Jul to Aug, Sat & Sun, 21:00 - 23:30
Location: Gwanganhaebyeon-ro (Gwangalli SUP Zone 3-way Intersection to Meeting Square)

Gwangalli Car-free Cultural Street is held every summer when a section of the main road along Gwangalli Beach is closed to traffic. Pedestrians can walk freely on the road and enjoy a variety of cultural performances (e.g. music concerts, magic shows) and experience programs (e.g. photo zone, chalk art).

3. Seasonal Flowers Field @Millak Beach Park

Dates: Jun - Jul, Oct - Apr

Location: Millak Beach Park

Millak Beach Park is located on the extreme left end (i.e. when facing the sea) of Gwangalli Beach. Every summer, autumn and winter through spring, you can enjoy different beautiful flowers (e.g. sunflowers and chrysanthemum) and barley fields showcase at the park.

Recommended Cafes & Restaurants

You will be spoilt for choice when picking a cafe or restaurant at Gwangalli Beach.

There are so many cafes along Gwangalli Beach that locals refer to the area as 'Gwangalli Cafe Street'. You can find many well-known brands like coffeesmith, HOLLYS COFFEE, STARBUCKS, CAFFE PASCUCCI, Gong Cha, Baskin Robbins, A TWOSOME PLACE and illy CAFFE. Some brands even have 2-3 branches just along the main beach road.

For restaurants, you can find many restaurants serving western food, particularly pizzas in Gwangalli.


Here are the top picks of recommended popular cafes and restaurants with great ocean view along the main road, Gwanganhaebyeon-ro in Gwangalli (listing order from right to left of sea).


Josaeho Grilled Clam Restaurant (Gwangalli Branch) 조새호 (광안리점)

부산 수영구 광안해변로 199 2층 | 2F, 199, Gwanganhaebyeon-ro, Suyeong-gu, Busan

12:00 - 4:00

Josaeho is a grilled clam restaurant with the most beautiful ocean view, located right in the center of Gwangalli Beach. There are outdoor seating on 1F and the 2F is popular for Gwangandaegyo Bridge view. The grilled clams comes uniquely presented in 3-4 tier platters with optional adds on like assorted sashimi, live squid sashimi, raw oysters, scallops, crabs, etc.


CLAM Gwangalli Branch 클램 광안리점

부산 수영구 광안해변로 201 1층 | 1F, 201, Gwanganhaebyeon-ro, Suyeong-gu, Busan

12:00 - 3:00

CLAM is a nicely decorated, oceanfront western restaurant with both indoor and outdoor seating. You can order from the tablet in English. Menu includes Pizza & Cheese, Seafood & Meat, Snack & Salad, Pasta, Rice, Tapas and Drinks (e.g. Beer, wine, highball). Their signature Milano Pizza is the favourite for many diners. For wine lovers, check out their wide selection of wine!


Cafe Haute Gwangan Beach 카페오뜨 광안비치점

부산 수영구 광안해변로 209 | 209 Gwanganhaebyeon-ro, Suyeong-gu, Busan

9:00 - 24:00 (Sun-Fri), 9:00 - 1:00 (Sat)



Cafe Haute is a recommended stop for cafe lovers. It occupies 2F, 3F and 4F Rooftop with panoramic view of Gwangalli Beach and Gwangandaegyo Bridge right in front of you. Each floor of the cafe is uniquely decorated with different props and is spacious too.


El Carnitas Taco & Grill Gwangalli Branch 엘까르니따스 광안리점

부산 수영구 광안로62번길 39 1층 103호, 104호 | Room 103, 104, 1st floor, 39, Gwangan-ro 62beon-gil, Suyeong-gu, Busan

11:30 - 22:00 (Mon-Thu), 11:30 - 1:00 (Fri-Sat), 11:00 - 22:00 (Sun). Last order 1 hr before closing.

El Carnitas is a popular Mexican food restaurant with chilled indoor and outdoor seating. Menu includes tacos, quesadillas, enchiladas, fajitas, salads, nachos, sides (e.g. chips, tortilla), beer, tequilas and margarita. The entire menu is available for takeout should you wish for picnic on the beach. For the adventurous, check out its 'Coronaita', a special drink made with Corona Beer and Margarita (Jose Cuervo Tequila and Grand Marnier orange-flavoured liqueur).


Gwangalli Manbingo Noodle Shop 광안리 만빙고 제면소

부산 수영구 광안로 67 2층 | 2nd floor, 67, Gwangan-ro, Suyeong-gu, Busan

10:30 - 20:00 (Mon-Thu), 10:30 - 20:30 (Fri-Sun)

Milmyeon, a noodle dish that originated in Busan is a must try. At the noodle specialty store, Gwangalli Manbingo Noodle Shop, you can have the wheat noodles in cold broth or spicy sauce. The restaurant is located right in the center of Gwangalli Beach with 180° view from Haeundae Marine City to Igidae Coastal Park and frontal view of Gwangandaegyo Bridge.


ddubuk's Cafe Gwangan 뚜벅스 광안점

부산 수영구 광안해변로 239 7층 | 7th floor, 239, Gwanganhaebyeon-ro, Suyeong-gu, Busan

9:30 - 00:30 (Sun-Thu), 9:30 - 1:30 (Fri-Sat)



ddubuk's Cafe is very well-received and spacious cafe where you can enjoy spectacular Gwangalli ocean view from its 7F. The entrance to the building is located left of SUBWAY sandwich restaurant and the lift will take you to the 7F.


Gwangalli Observatory Oryukdo Sashimi Restaurant 광안리 전망대 오륙도횟집

부산 수영구 민락수변로 1 민락회타운 9층 광안리 전망대 오륙도횟집 | Oryukdo Sashimi Restaurant, 9th floor, Gwangalli Observatory, Millakhoe Town, 1 Millaksubyeon-ro, Suyeong-gu, Busan

11:30 - 24:00



Gwangalli Observatory Oryukdo Sashimi Restaurant is located on the 9F of Millak Raw Fish Center (building). You can enjoy nicely presented fresh sashimi and seafood courses with panoramic view of the sea and Gwangan Bridge. The restaurant is popular for its Oryukdo Special Courses starting from ₩35,000 to ₩65,000 per person.

💡Of course, you can also buy live seafood from the fish market on 1F and have the restaurant prepared and cooked for you. However, there is an additional table setting fee of ₩6,000 per person and cooking fee from ₩10,000 per dish.


Yeoline Seafood Pocha 열이네해물포차

부산 수영구 민락수변로 5 열이네해물포차 성진회센타5층 | 5th floor, Seongjinhoe Center, Yeoline Seafood Pocha, 5 Millaksubyeon-ro, Suyeong-gu, Busan

12:00 - 23:30 (last order 22:00)



At Yeoline Seafood Pocha, you can enjoy a variety of seasonal seafood and sashimi attractively presented in a big round bamboo woven tray. Besides sashimi, there are steamed seafood, seafood stew, fresh oyster platters, etc. You can also enjoy panoramic view of Gwangalli Beach and the ocean from the restaurant.

Nearby Attractions

Gwangalli Beach is located between two equally famous attractions of Haeundae Beach and Oryukdo Skywalk. It is convenient to get to most tourist attractions in Busan from Gwangalli Beach via its 2 nearest subway stations (i.e. Geumnyeonsan Station and Gwangan Station on Line 2). Busan Station is just a short 32 mins subway ride or 27-37 mins by taxi.

Recommended Hotels at Gwangalli Beach

Interestingly, as popular as Gwangalli Beach is to both domestic and international tourists, there are in fact not many quality hotel options as compared to Haeundae Beach. Also, there is no international hotel chain operating at Gwangalli Beach either.

Nonetheless, here are the best recommended hotel picks at Gwangalli Beach (listing order from right to left of sea).

Busan Studio 202

★★★ | 9.0 Review Rating

Busan Studio 202 is a hotel with nicely decorated loft-style studio rooms, 8 mins walk from Geumnyeonsan Station (line 2, exit 1). It is located on the 2nd street parallel to the main road, Gwanganhaebyeon-ro that runs along the whole stretch of the beach. The non-smoking hotel offers 24-hour front desk.

Kent Hotel Gwangalli by Kensington

★★★★ | 8.0 Review Rating

Kent Hotel Gwangalli by Kensington is the most popular hotel centrally located across the road from Gwangalli Beach. It is about 10 mins walk along the Gwangan-ro Road from Gwangan Station (line 2, exit 5). There is a GS25 convenience store on ground floor of the hotel building.

Ocean The Point Hotel

★★ | 8.0 Review Rating

Ocean The Point Hotel is another popular hotel, located on the extreme left end of Gwangalli Beach. Guests can chill at its lounge that offers beautiful nightscape of Gwangalli Beach. There are cafes, restaurants and convenience store along the street.

Notes: Hotel is located on 7-10F (8F - Lobby) of Ocean Bridge Building A, together with other hotels in the building. Enter through the side door as you walk towards the building. 30 mins walk from Gwangan Station (line 2).

H Avenue Gwanganri Beach

★★ | 8.5 Review Rating

H Avenue Gwanganri Beach offers all rooms with ocean view where you can enjoy views of Gwangandaegyo Bridge and Gwangalli Beach. There are rooms that come with balcony too! The non-smoking property has a 24-hour front desk and restaurant.

Notes: Property is located on 8-10F (9F - Lobby) of Ocean Bridge Building B, together with other hotels in the building. Enter from the side of the building after CU convenience store.

Map of Getting to Gwangalli Beach, Attractions, Recommended Cafes & Restaurants

Getting to Gwangalli Beach & Location Map | Busan, South Korea

Zoom in Map of Millak-dong (Left of Gwangalli Beach)

Map of Millak-dong (left of Gwangalli Beach) | Busan, South Korea

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