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Guide to Jeoryeong Coastal Trail & Jeoryeong Haerang-Gil Trail | Busan, South Korea

Jeoryeong Coastal Trail & Jeoryeong Haerang-Gil
절영해안산책로 & 절영해랑길

부산 영도구 해안산책길 52  | 52 Haeansanchaek-gil, Yeongdo-gu, Busan


Jeoryeong Coastal Trail & Jeoryeong Haerang-Gil - Admission Fees


Starting from Huinnyeoul Culture Village end:

  • Nampo Station (line 1, exit 6). Take bus# 6, 7, 9, 71, 82, 85 or 508. 11 mins. (Note: Bus# 70 is feasible but it is a longer route, 20 mins).

  • Jagalchi Station (line 1, exit 10). Walk forward and cross the street ahead. Turn left at the pedestrian crossing ahead for the bus stop on your right, in the middle of the road. Take bus# 9. 14 mins.

  • Busan Station (line 1, exit 7). Take bus# 82 or 508. 20 mins.

Get off at Busan Health High School 부산보건고등학교 stop. Walk forward 117m in the direction of bus going off (Jeoryeong-ro main road) and get down the stairs on your right leading to the start point of the coastal walk. 3 mins walk.

Starting from Jungni Beach/Yeongdo Haenyeo Village end:

  • Nampo Station (line 1, exit 6). Take bus# 7. 16 mins. (Note: Bus# 70 is feasible but it is a longer route of additional 9 mins).

Get off at Nam High School 남고교 stop, the stop after passing the lighthouse. Walk back in the direction of the lighthouse and turn left at the big sign on the road to 'Yeongdo Haenyeo Culture Museum'. The starting point of the coastal walk is on your right. 3 mins walk.


💡On your return trip, Bus# 6, 7, 9, 70 & 71 stops near Jagalchi Station (exit 7/10) / BIFF Square after Nampo Station stop.

Jeoryeong Coastal Trail and Jeoryeong Haerang-Gil Trail are two scenic walking trails that run parallel to each other along the coastline and clifftop in Yeongdo, Busan. There are stairs that connect the 2 trails for easy access.

Jeoryeong Coastal Trail is a 3km (1hr 20mins) course starting from near the base of Huinnyeoul Culture Village along the coastline to Jungni Beach. It is regarded as one of the Eight Scenic Sites of Yeongdo Island and part of the popular Busan Galmaet-gil Trails Section 3-3 course.

Jeoryeong Haerang-Gil, on the other hand is an easy 2km (30 mins) clifftop walking trail alongside the main road, Jeoryeong-ro with superb views starting from Huinnyeoul Observatory (/Baengnyeonsa Temple) near Huinnyeoul Culture Village to 85 Plaza near Jungni Beach.

Orientation & Recommended Walking Courses

Map of Jeoryeong Coastal Trail & Jeoryeong Haerang-Gil | Busan, South Korea

This map gives a good overview of both Jeoryeong Coastal Trail (yellow line) and Jeoryeong Haerang-Gil (orange line) and attractions along the way.

Recommended Round Trip Course:

➁ Jeoryeong Haerang-Gil

Huinnyeoul Culture Village

Jungni Beach

➀ Jeoryeong Coastal Trail

▶ Part 1: Jeoryeong Coastal Trail

Jeoryeong Coastal Trail Management Office (start) ➠ 1st Haenyeo Village ➠ Huinnyeoul Culture Village (base)  ➠ Piano Stairs ➠ Huinnyeoul Coastal Tunnel ➠ 2nd Haenyeo Village ➠ Tsushima Observatory ➠ Suspension Bridge ➠ Jungni Beach ➠ Jungni Lighthouse & Wharf ➠ Yeongdo Haenyeo Culture Museum/ Yeongdo Haenyeo Village (end)

▶ Part 2: Jeoryeong Haerang-Gil Trail

Jungni Sunset Observatory ➠ 85 Plaza (start) ➠ 75 Square ➠ Yeongdo Sky Observatory ➠ Huinnyeoul Observatory (end) ➠ Huinnyeoul Culture Village

Updates: Detour Course Notice

Restoration work on Jeoryeong Coastal Trail due to Typhoon Hinnamnor's damage on 6 September 2022 has been completed and the trail is fully re-opened to the public on April 2023. The blue walkway below Huinnyeoul Culture Village which was also damaged by the typhoon is now completely reconstructed and re-painted. It is looking fresh and new.

💡Yeongdo Island was once famous for its fine horses tracing back to Silla Dynasty and Joseon Dynasty Periods. The island was originally called 'Jeolyeongdo', referring to its fine horses that are ‘so fast that could break away or outrun from their own shadows’. The old name 'Jeolyeongdo' was shortened to 'Yeongdo' after the Japanese Occupation.

💡'Jeolyeong' is the Korean pronunciation. 'Jeoryeong' is the English word used nowadays including its main road, 'Jeoryeong-ro' and 'Jeoryeong Coastal Trail'.

💡During the walking course, you may still come across signage using the term 'Jeolyeong Coastal Walk' or 'Jeollyeong Coastal Walk' and Google Maps use 'Jeoryeong Coastal Walk'. They are the variations from Korean to English translation, referring to the same trail - Jeoryeong Coastal Trail.

Blue Spots Transparent

Jeoryeong Coastal Trail

Course: 3km, 1hr 20mins

Jeoryeong Coastal Trail

The steep and rocky area along Jeoryeong Coastal Trail was once a military zone and access restricted. It was only opened to the public in 2001 with the seaside coastal trail established. In 2020, the trail was remodelled and reborn as a new tourist attraction.

Getting to the base & start point of Jeoryeong Coastal Trail from main road, Jeoryeong-ro

After getting off the bus at Busan Health High School stop, walk 117m in the direction bus going off until you reach the stairs on your right leading down to the starting point of Jeoryeong Coastal Trail.

You can have a good view of the blue ocean along the way.

Jeoryeong Coastal Trail Management Office

The stairs will lead to the side of a building where Jeoryeong Coastal Trail Management Office is located on the 1st floor. On the 2nd floor is the ocean view Cafe Maren and 3rd floor is the rooftop observatory.

💡There are several good maps (i.e. Jeoryeong Coastal Trail, Jeoryeong Haerang-gil, Busan Galmaet-gil and Bongnaesan Dulle-gil) on the walking trails and attractions around Yeongdo Island mounted across the building near the mosaic mural wall.

Kicking Start on Jeoryeong Coastal Trail (lighting operating hours 20 mins after sunset - 20 mins after sunrise)

From the base of the stairs, U-turn and Jeoryeong Coastal Trail is right ahead. This is the start point and entrance to Jeoryeong Coastal Trail.

You will get to see interesting mosaic murals with over 40 themes of Yeongdo (e.g. Yeongdodaegyo Bridge, Jeoryeong's famous horses) that stretch 800m all the way to Huinnyeoul Coastal Tunnel.


This is also the easy section of Jeoryeong Coastal Trail on well-paved path.

Ocean Views from Jeoryeong Coastal Trail

The sea is dotted with ships moored at the anchorage outside the southern port of Busan, creating an unique sight for ship watching.

On the right of the ocean along Jeoryeong Coastal Trail is Amnam Park, Songdo Yonggung Suspension Bridge, Songdo Beach and Busan Air Cruise Marine Cable Car in the distance. The 3 tall buildings next to Namhangdaegyo Bridge is Hyundai's Songdo Hillstate Ijin Bay City completed in 2022.

There is also a Haenyeo Village where makeshift tents are set up by women divers who sold their freshly caught seafood for dining right on the shore.

Embankment of Huinnyeoul Culture Village

As you walk along the trail, you will come across a huge embankment supporting Huinnyeoul Culture Village located on the clifftop.

The current embankment and village road fence were reconstructed in 1988-1989 through a control and reinforcement project due to typhoon damage to previous embankment.

Stairs to Huinnyeoul Culture Village

There are 5 stairs, all with their own unique characteristics that lead to Huinnyeoul Culture Village from Jeoryeong Coastal Trail. Of which, the colourful Piano Stairs located next to Huinnyeoul Coastal Tunnel is the most popular.

💡From Piano Stairs, it will lead up to Isongdo Observatory and pathway to Huinnyeoul Culture Village. Further up from the stairs will get you to the main road, Jeoryeong-ro and Huinnyeoul Observatory, also the start/end point of Jeoryeong Haerang-Gil Trail.

Huinnyeoul Coastal Tunnel (lighting operating hours 9:00 - 23:00)

The 70m long Huinnyeoul Coastal Tunnel was opened to the public in 2018 to allow residents and visitors to get through the coastal rock wall to the other side of the coast conveniently and safely.

As it is, Huinnyeoul Coastal Tunnel turns out to be a popular tourist attraction with visitors queuing up for that well-known photo shots of themselves at the tunnel's entrance. There are also other photo zones inside the tunnel and at tunnel's exit.

The Start of Rocky Nature Course

Once you exit from Huiunyeoul Coastal Tunnel, it is as though you have entered another world. From this section onwards, Jeoryeong Coastal Trail takes on a beautiful nature course walking on pebble beach, stairs up/down huge rocks and suspension bridge with the forest in the backdrop.

2nd Haenyeo Village

A short walk away from Huiunyeoul Coastal Tunnel is another Haenyeo Village. For fans of raw seafood (e.g. conch, sea squirt, sea cucumber), this is the break stop for its local vibes, 'exclusive' location and excellent views.

Tsushima Observatory

There are signs along the way to Jungni Beach. The course will lead to the Tsushima Observatory with view of various islands (e.g. Tsushima, Geojedo, Dudo) far away.

Suspension Bridge

Along the rocky coastal road is a striking red suspension bridge. From here, there will be stairs leading up and down to get around the rocky cliff edge.

Cliff Edge & View of Jungni Beach

This is the most scenic section of the nature coastal trail when looking back on the stairs taken along the cliff, large strangely-shaped rocks and view of Songdo skyline in the distance.

Jungni Beach will also start to appear in front of the trail before getting down near to the water edge.

Jungni Beach, Wharf, Lighthouse, Haenyeo Village & Haenyeo Culture Museum

When reaching Jungni Beach, the trail will change to the painted pathway leading to Jungni Wharf, Jungni Lighthouse, Jungni Haenyeo Village and Yeongdo Haenyeo Culture Museum.

Continue to walk along the coast till end of the road to Yeongdo Haenyeo Culture Museum. There are signs along the way and a map of Jungni Food Street.

Blue Spots Transparent

Jeoryeong Haerang-Gil

Course: 2km, 30 mins

Jeoryeon Haerang-Gil

Jungni Sunset Observatory

After exploring Yeongdo Haenyeo Village, it's time to kick start on the more relax and easier return walking course back to Huinnyeoul Culture Village on Jeoryeong Haerang-Gil Trail.

You can walk along the main road (Jeoryeong-ro) next to Jungni Sunset Observatory; or start from Jeoryeong Coastal Trail and follow the signs to 85 Plaza, the starting point of Jeoryeong Haerang-Gil.

💡Should you take the main road, you will need to walk on the right side of Jeoryeong-ro as the pedestrian walk is not available on the left side of the road until 85 Plaza. Just before reaching 85 Plaza, take the pedestrian crossing to cross to the left side of the road.

Jungni Sunset Observatory is a photo zone located near the entrance to Jungni Beach with the red lighthouse and ocean in the background.

85 Plaza, The Entrance & Start Point of Jeoryeong Haerang-Gil Trail

This is a small area that marks the Entrance (/start or end point) of Jeoryeong Haerang-Gil Trail alongside the main road, Jeoryeong-ro. The name of the plaza is the year, 1985 when it was built.

75 Square

The small park is named after the year, 1975 when it was built. From the octagonal pavilion, you can enjoy panoramic view of the beautiful ocean. There is also steep stairway that leads to the coastline and Jeoryeong Coastal Trail.

Yeongdo Sky Observatory

Among all the other well-known sky observatories in Busan (e.g. Cheongsapo Daritdol Skywalk, Songdo Cloud Trails and Oryukdo Skywalk), Yeongdo Sky Observatory is probably the best-kept secret skywalk in Busan.

It has the transparent glass floor and view from the observatory is break-taking. Unlike the other famous observatory, this one is accessible 24x7 and no wearing of the outer shoes required.

Huinnyeoul Observatory - End Point of Jeoryeong Haerang-Gil Trail

Huinnyeoul Observatory is located on top of the colourful Piano Stairs with the striking bird head painting.


When you reached Huinnyeoul Observatory, it also marks the end (/start) of Jeoryeong Haerang-Gil Trail course.

If you continue the walk down the stairs right next to Huinnyeoul Observatory or along the main road (Jeoryeong-ro), you will get to the popular coastal village, Huinnyeoul Culture Village.

Huinnyeoul Culture Village

Huinnyeoul Culture Village is a charming coastal village located on the sloping cliff above Jeoryeong Coastal Trail. The village has gained much popularity in recent years as the filming location for the movie, 'The Attorney'. It is interesting to walk through its alleys and explore its cafes, unique shops and murals.

Okcheon Restaurant 옥천횟집 (operating hours 11:00 - 21:00, last order 20:00)

Located on top of the women divers (haenyeo) mosaic mural is the recommended Okcheon Restaurant. The ocean view restaurant serves some of the local specialities like octopus seafood ramen, seafood sashimi and sea urchin seaweed rice rolls (gimbap).

Yeongdo Haenyeo Culture Museum & Yeongdo Haenyeo Village

When you reach the end of the coastal road, you will come across the Yeongdo Haenyeo Culture Museum building.

On the 1st floor of the building is Yeongdo Haenyeo Village (/Haenyeo Fishery Market) where fresh seafood caught by the women divers (haenyeo) are sold.

On the 2nd floor of the building is the Haenyeo Culture Exhibition Hall created to preserve and promote the Haenyeo cultural activities. The third floor is the Rooftop Observatory.

💡The trail on the side of Yeongdo Haenyeo Culture Museum building will continue on to Gamji Beach via Jungnisan Mountain and onwards to Taejongdae Park.


Map of Getting to Jeoryeong Coastal Trail & Jeoryeong Haerang-Gil

Map of Getting to Jeoryeong Coastal Trail & Jeoryeong Haerang-Gil | Busan, South Korea

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